Monday, April 5, 2010

Penninkmeijer 1 - Spring 2014

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The Penninkmeijer Family
Frederik is 59, Bianca is 54, Dirk is 27, Catherine is 24, Gabriëlle and Laura are 12 and Morgan is 8
Catherine: After graduation, I moved back in with my parents, together with my boyfriend, Dirk. It's never easy to move back home, after living on your own for almost 4 years, but I didn't have a choice. Actually, that's not true, I had a choice, but to inherrit this house dad said I need to live here.
Like I said, it's not easy moving back. Time didn't stand still when I was away, and everybody has their own things to do. Sometimes I feel like an indtruder. Laura and Gabriëlle are 12 now, and they are starting to act like real teens.
They are twins, and they always had a great bond. They share everything! I never had such a bond, not with one of my siblings. I always bonded a little beter with Jack and Lawrence, they are a little bit closer in age, but they are at university right now, and when I visited them before I moved back, they already told me, they loved living on their own, and didn't see it in the future to move back home.
I really want to try to bond with Laura and Gabriëlle, but it's hard, the agedifference is just too big. I can't see myself chatting with a 12-year old all the time. Don't get me wrong, I love my sisters, but it's just too much of a difference. By the way, they have each other and their friends to talk to.
Of course there is Morgan too, but if I don't get myself to chat with a 12-year old, I absolutely don't see it happen with an 8-year old! At other times I feel like he's more like me then all the others. He's not part of a twin, just like me, and sometimes he seems so alone. He spends a lot of time with mom. Aah mom.... Mom is, well mom is mom, trying to be with every one of us as much as she can, dividing all her time between all six of us! Sometimes I wonder how mom does it all, because she also manages to do the household, without any help!
Of course not everything has changed. Dad is and always will be dad, and dad always wanted us to achieve lots of things, and he expected us to work hard to do so. So if we were not doing out homework, we were always busy working on other skills, and this still hasn't changed; Laura loves the piano, Gabriëlle loves painting and Morgan likes playing chess.
Finding a job wasn't easy. It took me months to find one I liked. Dirk, my boyfriend, found one really easy, but I don't think he's as picky as I am, he only went to univerisity to meet lots and lots of others, and to party, I'm always wondering how he managed to graduate! I on the other hand want to do something with me degree.
It seems like we don't match at all, at some points we are complete opposites, but it's just that to seems to keep the balance in our relationship, and you know what they say; opposites atrackt.
When I finally found a job I likes, dad pulled some strings at the office, Dirk took me out to dinner in Simmeria. It was an amazing restaurant, and the weather was great too, wich allowed us to have dinner on the roof. I was a little bit afraid he was going to propose, and I don't feel ready for such a step in life, but thankfully he didn't. We had an amazing time!
One thing I absolutely love about living back home, is being able to talk to mom whenever I feel like it, it's great! I've really missed that at univeristy. She will be 55 in a year, and she loves talking about her life, and I love to just listen. The only thing I don't like her talking about, is grandchildren, she expects me to start a family really soon, preferably after getting married even sooner, but I don't want to rush into things, and I don't see myself as a wife and mother just yet.
I was a little bit afraid about dad's reaction to Dirk, but it seem that I didn't had anything to worry about. They seem to get along just fine. One of their favorite past times is looking at the clouds, I don't see anything interesting about it, but Dirk says it's relaxing!

  • Cahterine nor Dirk rolled up the want to get engaged. Frederik and Bianca on the other hand can't wait for a familymember to get married. I'm sure that, when Bianca becomes and elder, she will want many grandchildren!
  • I'm sorry if Catherine talks a little bit too much, but once I started writing, I just couldn't stop, it seemed like she had so much to tell!
  • I'm still trying to find a good balance between sims (playing and blogging) and the rest of my life, but I'm hardly ever home lately, and I'm really starting to miss my sims. Anyway, I still have some updates that I just need to write, and I'm hoping to get them up this week! Next update will be the summer-birthdays!


  1. I could tell that Catherine had a lot to say! I love that she enjoys listening to her mom talk about her life. Being away at university made her appreciate her more.

    I struggle with balancing my simming and life too.

  2. It's good when you have so much to say about a particular Sim - you don't get bored with them at least!

    LOL @ Dirk and her dad watching the clouds together! They get along, at least!