Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Zanobi 1 - Spring 2014

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The Zanobi Family
Lucas and Sophie are 39, Emma is 8 and Julian is 3
Sophie: Recently I got Lucas to the point where he agreed to redo the livingroom, and our bedroom. I'm dieing to do the kichten too, but at the moment Lucas keeps saying no, maybe in a few months.
Since it's spring, Lucas and I are doing much more things outside. We take Julian outside as much as we can to play with him.
And when Emma finishes her homework sho folows us to play outside too.
But since we have a restaurant, Lucas and I have to leave the kids with a nanny too much to my liking. She's not bad, but I wish I was able to be with my kids instead of her.
The restaurant is going fine. Not great, but just fine. We have a constant line of costumers, but for some strange reason we don't seem to bring in a lot of money.
Since the bills keep comming, I have been thinking about finding another job, but Lucas doesn't want to hear a thing about it. He's determined to continue with the reastauranf, and I understand it, but we have to kids to think about.
I agreed on giving it some more years, it's not like we're losing money. Next year Julian will be in school too, so we don't need to pay a nanny anymore. And some years later Emma will be able to help out in the restaurant. If we would let her, she would come to the restaurant with us, instead she's speding more time with Julian lately.
One day in the week, Lucas and I take the day off. I's wis we could keep Emma home from school that day too, but unfortunatly it's not possible. I spend that day with Julian, just playing, hugging, just being with him.
When Julian takes a nap, Lucas and I spend some time together. I think it's important to do that. Unfortunatly he's too tired to be awake most of those days.
Lucas and I have been talkin about a 3rd child, but we both think 2 is a nice number. We are almost done with daipers, and the both of us don't look forward to starting all over.

  • Sophie has had the want for another child ever since Julian became a toddler, she's a secondary family-sim, but I personally think that 2 is enough!
  • Julian will become a child in the Fall of 2015, it seems like he has been a toddler forever, but he's such a cutie!
  • Yet again, I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but I hardly ever find the time to play or write! There's always something commig up!
  • The profiles are recently not being updated because I'm working on something to change that page, but due to lack of time, this is taking longer than expected.


  1. I thought maybe you were going to say they were expecting a third child, from that last photo.

    Two is a good number, it sounds like once Julian is in school they will have less expenses with the nanny. Hope it works for their restaurant to start bringing in some money.

    I like that the adults try and spend time together and that Lucas falls asleep.

  2. I really have been thinking about letting them have a 3rd child, but I let Lucas made the decision for me, and since he never popped up the want, there will be no 3rd child.

    I'm hoping with you that the restaurant will bring in more money, because §400 a day hardly covers all their expences.

  3. It's nice she has extra time with Julian on her day off, too.

    I hope things start getting a little easier for them financially. One day, they'll probably look back and it will seem so long ago that they had to struggle through.