Thursday, May 6, 2010

So here's number 2 ...

I have 2 updates (almost reayd) to post! They are both dealing about the new school in SimsVille. This update however is all about the new SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School.
I know there isn't much decoration on the outside, but I simply forgot to decorate the outside, and only saw this now, when I uploaded the pictures, so maybe this will change in the future.
Anyway this is the front of SimsVille Up Hill Elementary!
When you entere you have the stairs immediatly on your left, on the right there is the cafetaria.
When you walk past the stairs, you'll find the bathrooms, and the library, with some computers, around the corner their is another hallway.
At the end of this hallway you'll find the basketball court, with next to it the dressing rooms.
When you take the stairs to go up, there is the office of the principal, Marie Gerrits. And next to the office are 2 classrooms.
On the other side of the stairs, there again bathrooms. You'll also find the arts-class there and the music-class.
Of course there is a playground too, with lots of things to do for the pupils.

  • I'm sorry for the quality of the pictures. I've tried to take pictures from the in the building itself, but that didn't seem to work at all. you can click on the pictures for a larger view, but I don't think the quality will be any beter.
  • I'm building a lot these days. I've even banned myself from playing untill I've build everything! Good news; SimsVille and SimsVille Up Hill are almost finished! Next up is Simmeria (my downtown-area), but I don't have that much work anymore there too. I still need to build some dorms, but I've never done that, and I don't know how to start...
  • Next update will be about SimsVille High School, maybe on Saturday....


  1. Oh, you're tough on yourself, aren't you? Banning yourself from playing until you finish building. That would last about 5 minutes for me - no will power!

    Anyway, the school looks great! I can't wait to see it filled with students!

  2. The school looks great! I just finished building a new one for my hood, last week. Looking forward to your upcoming updates!

  3. Carla I wonder how long I'm going to keep myself banned from playing, because I'm not that good at not playing! Anyway I'm almost finished building, so maybe I can keep it up...

    Maisie Thank you. And I'm going to try to update a little bit more!