Monday, February 15, 2010

A late Valentine's special!

Since every one was doing it, and I really loved it, I wanted to do some Valentine's special for SimsVille too. I don't have ACR, I tryed installing it last night, but it didn't do what the instructions said it was suppossed to do (after several trys), so I stopped trying, and since I LOVE conytrolling my sims myself, I didn't mind that much.
But anyway, since I don't have ACR, I don't have scores for my couples. So I picked some of my favourites.

1 Sohpie Mikkels and Lucas Zanobi
They have been together since they both were 15, and they haven't been with any one else ever since, they haven't even looked at any one else! They may have had their differences sometimes, but wich couple hasn't. They are together for 24 years now, and they have 2 children; Emma and Julian.

2. Biana Draajing and Frederik Penninkmeijer
Some may say Frederik isn't capable of loving anything else but his work. But when you know Bianca and Frederik are married for 31 years now, there must be love! After all he agreed on having 6 children, just because Bianca wanted it!

3. Eve and Jonas Draper
Like Eve said herself one time; they may never have been fit to take of children, but when their daughter died and left 2 children, Eve and Jonas put their differences aside to be a family the children needed.

4. Yin Min and Hans Mokara
Her family never was too happy about her choice in man, but dispite that, Hans always fought for keeping his girl, and now he got accepted by her family! They don't have much money, but they still were able to create a loving home for their 3 children.

5. Nuan and Marc Mishoen
They never gave up, not even when they were growing apart, instead they looked for some shared interest all over again, and found that in their newborn grandson!

6. Fen Mishoen and Goofy Kardinaal
He was able to heal her broken heart after Gunnar broke it. Together they were able to change their lifestyle, and overcome their fears; like getting married.

7. Tika Mishoen and Xiang Zang
They look so sweet together! They don't have anything in common except their love for one another, and their adorable little boy, and what more do you need in life but love?

8. Debby and Kürt Gradonni
When Debby and Kürt announced that they were moving to start their own business, everybody thought they were crazy. But after all these years they made it! Maybe it was perseverance, but if you would ask them, they would say it was their love for each other.

9. Yena and Tao Zang
After raising 3 boys to adults, you would think love has worn off. But with Tao and Yena this isn't true, not even a little bit! If anything, you might say their love has gotten stronger!

10. Stella Terrano and Nio Mishoen
Althougt they met on the internet, and everyone thought that it wasn't going to last, Nio and Stella are still strong and prooving everybody wrong.

So this was it, there is no special reason I put the couples in these order, it's just random. There are other couples in SimsVille I love, but I just picked 10.
I hope to have a new update ready tomorrow, I really want round 7 to be finished, and start round 8, there are going to be some changes!


  1. Aww, this was nice to see! I'm loving reading about everyone's top couples. My favourites are Tika and Xiang and Nuan and Marc.

    And oooh, I'm excited to see what changes are coming to SimsVille!

  2. This was so nice! I think Yena and Tao are my favorite. That's definitely something I've seen before--couples who seem to love each other much more as elders.

  3. This was lovely to see your favorite couples. It's great to see Fen happy. And I love the names of your characters.

  4. Tika and Xiang are my favorite too, glad to see them make the cut as favorites for you! Nice getting a little recap and history on the couples.