Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Min 1 - Spring 2013

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The Min Family
Quan is 42, Chu is 41, Anna is 13 and Benny is 7
Anna: I was only 2 when mom and dad desided to move to SimsVille, so I don't know how we used to live. But sometimes I wonder why mom and dad made the desicion to move, or how my life should have been if we hadn't moved.
But then I think about the house we live in, and the room and friends I have here, and I'm glad they moved! I love the privacy of my room, a place where I can be myself. Maybe if we hadn't moved I was forced to share a room with Benny, and he would see me play with my toy-robot! I don't think I could have handled that.
He already feels so much better than me somtimes; always doing what mom and dad expect. Most of the time he even goes to tell them he did his homework and I didn't. I just hate that!!
No, I don't think sharing a room would have been a great idea.
Mom and dad don't listen to me, when I tell them about my frustrations. They just think it's sweet that he does his homework, and that I'm just being a pain in the ass for not doing it. So to get my frustrations off I'm on the phone all the time. I call Laura (my best friend) and Johanna (my cousin) a lot! Johanna knows what I'm talking about, she has 2 little brothers, and Laura just listens, wich helps so much.
On top of it all, mom and dad think I'm too young to go out! They don't even let me go to the parc on my own! Sometimes I don't think it's because they think I'm too young to go out, but because Benny is too young to stay home alone. So instead of letting me go out, the agreed on having Johanna over for a sleepover! We had a great time, I didn't even mind that Benny was there too!
I think mom and dad were happy when we finally went to bed. They enjoyed the peace and quiet, I guess, because they stayed up to play some chess.


  1. 13 is a bit young, it might not just be benny that keeps her at home. glad the sleepover went well. Funny that the parents stayed up for some peace and quiet.

  2. Sometimes those 13 year olds think they are a lot older than they are!