Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mokara 1 - Summer 2013

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The Mokara Family
Hans is 40, Yin is 37, Melina is 8, David is 2 and Sam is 1
Yin: We have been living here for some time now, and I still feel the same as before; I love living here! I wish we would be able to buy the house, that way we could add an extra room, but that's just not possible.
Anyway, the rent isn't very high, but it still isn't the same as your own house. The neighbors aren't great, but as bad as where we used to live, that's hard to get, so we are happy with them.
But like I said before, the house isn't that big. We only have 3 small bedrooms. It's a good thing the boys are so close in age, so they can share a room.
Speaking of the boys, they are doing great! They are growing so fast, and ask almost all of our attention.
It's hard to find a shedule that works for both Hans and I. Since Hans works in the education, he's home during the weekends, so that's no problem. But during the week one of us always needs to take some time off, we don't want to hire a nanny, and we both want to be with the kids as much as we can.
And then of course there is Melina. My sweet, sweet, Melina. She still doesn't bring home a lot of friends, but she seems to be happy. I mostly come from work, when she comes home from school, and I try to take some time to sit down with her and talk to her. I don't want her to feel left out when we are both taking care of the boys.
She doesn't ask for any attention at all, not even when she's doing her homework. I don't think she ever asked for our help. Apparently she doesn't need our help, because her grades are really good!
We always try to have dinner together, as a family. We even try to have the boys there too, but they are still so young, so it's not always possible, but it's always nice to have the whole family together.


  1. Their home is really cute, too bad they are outgrowing it. Looks like Melina is ok without having a hoard of friends to bring home.

    Maybe in a little while they will be able to buy a house that will fit them all comfortably.

  2. I wish it were easier to have toddlers at the table. Someone had the idea recently to put the OSMPs in a chair and set them on it for pictures.

    But it is just tough coordinating everything with twins; it is tough to take care of twins!