Sunday, February 21, 2010

Belio 1 - Spring 2013

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The Belio Family
Bram is 38, Ling is 37, Johanna is 14 and Steven and Stephan are 4
Ling: Bram and I both have been really busy lately. I have been working hard to get a promotion, wich I got, and we really needed the money. Bram on the other hand has opened the shop a lot lately, again because we really need the money.
I wish I could have stayed home a lot more, and spend more time with my children, but it just couldn't be. Steven and Stephan recently started school, and that's pretty much all they talk about.
Jo on the other hand is rather distant lately. Most of the time she's on her own, or on the phone with her cousin, Anna, and when she has the chance she goes over there.
We asked Jo to look after the boys in during the weekends when we are at work, and she does stay at home, but most of the time she stayes in her room, leaving the boys downstairs with their toys.
To encourage her a little bit more, we agreed on letting her go out 1 night in the week if she does a little bit more around the house and spends some time with us. I have to admit, she does everything we ask, but ... I don't know how to say it but she's just not the same.
One day I talked to her about it, but she keeps her distance. She just asked when she could have her night out. It hurt me, because I always saw myself as a mom to who you can tell everything, and talk to about everyhting, but apparently Jo thinks about it differently.

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