Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthdays - September 2018

Annie and Erik Tora are looking forward to the birth of their 1st child, only one month later that Annie's twin sister, Abby, they will welcome the newest addition to their family. Unfortunatly this won't be untill Februari 2019.
Over in SimsVille, Lewis is really excited to welcome yet another brother. Lillte Micheal Mishoen is the first of Tika and Xiang's children to inherrit Tika's pale skintone. He has black hair, just like his 2 older brothers, Lewis and Josh.
Kristianne Spits is a little bit sad to see her youngest one turn one. Emily looks a lot like her older brother, Peter. Kristianne is hoping she can convince Richard to have another child, but she's not too hopefull about it.

  • I think I've said it before, but I'm really looking forward to Annie and Abby's babies. It's nice that they will have children only a month apart, and it would be nice to see them grow up together.
  • Despite all my hoping and praying for a girl for Tika and Xiang, the game desided otherwise, as always I guess. I'm kind of excited though, because of Michael's pale skintone, he's the only baby in the hood so far to have that skintone.
  • As a true family sim, Kristianne immidiatly rolled the want for another child the moment Emily turnd 1. I don't know if they will be having any more children, since they hardly have the money for the ones they already have; and Richard reached his ideal family size with the birth of Emily, which is 2 children, Kristianne's ideal family size is 6 :)


  1. Annie and Erik look so cute in that picture!

    I know you were hoping for a girl for Tika but at least you got some genetic variety with the pale skin being passed on.

    Emily is really and truly adorable. I wouldn't be sad if you let her parents have another one. ;)

  2. Aww, great pics, Tanja! I really like the one of Annie and Erik and Emily is really adorable!

  3. Emily is darling! Aww on another little boy, I think it's great to have three little boys in their family! And yay for Michael having Tika's skintone. I wonder who he will look like.

    Annie and Erik's photo is super sweet, looking forward to what they have!