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Penninkmeijer 1 - August 2018

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The Penninkmeijer Family
Frederik is 63, Bianca is 58, Dirk is 30, Catherine is 28, Gabriëlle and Laura are 16 and Morgan is 12
Narrated by Cahterine

Some time ago Dirk and I talked to mom and dad about moving to a bigger place, we are currently not thinking about childre, but you never know what the future brings, and it's not like we couldn't all use a little bit more breathing space.
So we moved to a bigger place, with a bigger garden, and mom and dad are realy enjoying it as well. You can sometimes just lounging in the garden.
It's not just the house they like that much. Dad has really started to enjoy his retirement, and has started playing the piano again.
While mom is really into art and painting lately. I have to say I wouldn't know what to do with all this free time, but mom and dad seem to always find something to do!
Even though we live in a bigger house now, and we have some more private space, Dirk and I wanted to do something on our own, so we went on a vacation to Twikii Island.
We had a great time, just the two of us, and the room service of course! Even though Dirk had to push me to take some time off from work, it's definatly something I would want to do again.
We went to this amazing place, with a fantastic waterfall and Dirk and I desided to get marrie then and there! It was the most romantic spot I've ever seen!
I know mom had these great plans for my wedding, so I was kind of anxious to tell her. Dad kept changing the subject and asking about the food at Twikii Island.
I know mom was a little bit disappointed about it all, but she has 5 other children to plan weddings for. I was happy when she got up an congratulated us with our wedding.
Apparently we didn't miss much when we went on our trip, the only important thing that happend was that Gabriëlle and Laura talked to mom and dad about going to university. Dad really wants all of us to go to university but both Gabriëlle and Laura don't have that ambition, and to be honest with what theyr want to do in life (music and painting), they don't need it.
After our trip I've asked Dirk to spend some time with Morgan. I think he feels kind of left out, just like me when I was a teenager, not being a twin. Dirk tries, but I don't know how Morgan feels about it.
Dad also tries to involve Morgan as much as possible when he spends some time with Laura and Gabriëlle. Recently he bought a pooltable for the hallway upstairs, and the kids all love it. It's almost all they do when they are at home, it's a  nice groupthing as well.
Dirk and I, well mostly Dirk, have been talking about children recently. I actually thing mom asked him to talk about it with me, because I personally don't think we're ready just yet, but mom is really looking forward to being a grandma.
I want children some day, but not just now. I'm happy with how things are at the moment, and Dirk asured me he's feeling the same way, but that mom had told him something else.

I liked the look of this picture, but I hate the fact the Frederik and Bianca just stare in front of them, and don't talk, so I didn't include it in the update.
This is a the painting that hangs on the wall in the previous picture. I've always planned for them to have painting of their 6 children, and since I know now how to pose my sims I desided to give it a try.

  • I just have to say I absolutley lOVE their new house! I never like their old one that much, and really started hating to play it, so I desided on a new house for them. I've posted a tour at N99, but since then was able to some things to the house, and I really like how it turned out.
  • I know that Gabriëlle, Laura and Morgan didn't make much of an appearance in this update, but they really didn't do that much this time around :)
  • Frederik is kind of a snob, it would be one of his traits I think, if I assigned them :) he really wanted his oldest child to be a boy, and he really wanted a boy to follow in his footsteps at the office, 2 things that didn't really happen. His other ambition was to send all his children to university, but Gabriëlle and Laura didn't eanr enough scholarships, and since they are aspiring jobs that don't require a college degree I desided they aren't going to go to college.

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  1. Oh, this is your mansion that you posted on N99! It looks great in game! I love the picture of Frederik and Bianca relaxing in the garden.

    I'm glad Catherine's parents weren't too upset about her eloping. You have to have the kind of wedding you truly want and it looks like Catherine and Dirk did.

    That's a great family portrait at the end there. :)