Thursday, April 21, 2011

Belio 1 - November 2018

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The Belio Family
Bram is 44, Ling is 43 and Stephan and Steven are 10
(Yin Mokara is 43)
Narrated by Bram
Even though Ling likes working in the shop, she thought that it would be best that she found another job. That way we would always have something to fall back on if something would happen, but to be honest I don't think we would get far with her pay as a housekeeper.
Since she works as a housekeeper now, she out during the days, which leaves me to take care of the shop again. Maybe it was a bad time for Ling to find another job right before the hollidays, but we manage.
She works full days which doesn't leave her much time to do the housekeeping at home as well, so I try to help her out as much as I can.
I do love those moments on my own though, those mornings when the boys have left for school and Ling is at work. It can be so nice and quiet.
I would love to one day be able to buy something, I don't really like having to pay the rent every month, but at the moment the shop and putting the children through college are out main priority.
I have to say that the boys are really doing their best, and are working really hard. Maybe they look at their sister, and see that they want to get there as was because Jo is really doing great in college, something I feared a little bit.
There of course has to be time for entertainment, but they keep busy all the time.
Ling's entertainment is mostly trying to spend time with her brother and sister. She doesn't have enought time to keep up with them all the time, but she tries and I really admire that in her.

I've send Ling to City Hall in SimsVille to find her job, and took some picture of it that I thought I'd share with you. So here we go:
The entrancehall, the door next to Ling leads to the restaurant.
The restaurant, and restaurant kitchen.
On the other side of the stairs is the receptiondesk and a door to the back hall.
This is the back hall, behind the door is the library. The elevators only go downstairs, there's a really open space with nothing in it, and the wedding hall is there are well, I didn't take pictures of those.
The library.

  • I know it's kind of a sucky update, but there wasn't much going on in this household this round. Next time I'll play them, their boys will be teens, so I'm hoping they will make it more interesting to play :)
  • I thought it would be best if Ling found another job, having 2 adults at home during the day really isn't the much fun to play. I looked around, and found that housekeeper was asuitable job for Ling.


  1. Your City Hall looks really nice.

    Sometimes some update are like that but it does help to move the story along.

  2. It's good to see that the family is doing well right now, even if they aren't yet able to buy a house. Sometimes parents have to make sacrifices on some things for their kids' futures. :)

    City Hall looks great!

  3. I hope Bram and Ling get to buy a house one day. Paying that rent can really make a huge dent in a family's bank account! I can't believe the boys are so close to being teens - that'll be a lot of fun.

    Oooh, I like the look of your city hall! It'll be great once you get to start using that in your update a bit more. :)

  4. I agree with Carla, buying a house would be great for them, but unfortunately now they're stuck in this loop :(

    If you're bored with having both of them in the house all the time you can install the community lot time mod. I had the same issue with my business owning sims until that mod.

    Child to teen birthdays are some of the most important ones, right? You get to see how they would really look like when they're adults, and the teen stage is really fun to play :)

  5. Great looking city hall. I'm glad the family is doing well, and working towards saving for the kids' college education. I can't believe they'll be teens next time! That will add more fun to their household I'm sure.