Thursday, April 7, 2011

SVU A - September 2018

SimsVille University
Johanna Belio is 20 and Anna Min is 19
(Quan Mins is 48, Chu Min is 47 Bai Zang is 26 and Jack Penninkmeijer is 22)
Narrated by Johanna

Anna and I desided to try this student housing this year, just to get a feel of how it would be to live on out own. And we both like it very much!
I love having the freedom to do whatever I want to do without having to consider a whole dorm of people! Of course we have to consider each other, but that's ok, we know pretty much when the other one will be gone, or have someone over.
One of the major downsides to living on your own, is having to cook for yourself! At home mom was a great cook, and at the dorm there was the cafeteria, I'm not going to say it was great, but it was way better then the things I create! I'm such a terrible cook that I set the kitchen on fire once, and Anna banned me from the kitchen ever since.
She and Bai go out to dinner most of the time anyway, so it's easy for her to ban me! 
I don't mind it that much, I don't like cooking anyway. Jack isn't a great cook either, but he isn't banned from the kitchen. So every time he comes around, and we need food, he's the one preparing it.
Recently Anna hasn't been feeling well. Every time she tries eating something, she has to run to the toilet as fast as she can.
I finally gotten her to go to the hospital to get some medication. When we were waiting to see the doctor she kept trying to get out of it by telling she really hadn't the time for this, and that she already felt better.
I waited outside when she was seeing doctor Carette to get a diagnose.
When she came out she looked scared, it took me some time to get her to tell me what was wrong, but finally she told me she's pregnant. I have to say I was shocked as well! 
Back home we stayed up all night to talk about it, and what would happen next. She wanted to talk to Bai first before making any major decisions, but she already knew she wasn't going to get rid of it.
Bai took the news pretty good. It's not what he had planned, a second unexpected pregnancy, but he agreed with Anna that they would keep the baby. He also thought it would be best if Anna would move in with him and his parents, that way there would always be someone to look after the baby, and Anna could finish college.
Anna of course had to tell aunt Chu and uncle Quan about it. She was nervous about it and kept postponing it, but eventually she and Bai went to SimsVille.
I don't think they are happy with the news, but there really isn't much they can do about it at this point anyway.

 Some shots of the BellaDonna District Hospital in Simmeria. I'm working on it as I go along. You can see the entrance, the cafetaria and the gift shop. 

  • Anna rolled the "Ooops, preggy!"-ROS this round. As I said before it really wasn't what I had planned for her, but it's not the end of the wold either. She will be moving in with Bai and his parents next year, so this will be the end of Anna and Jo living togehter. Jo will be moving in with her boyfriend as well, he lives just around the corner from campus.
  • The girls did study this round, and they passed the finals as well, Anna will be Junior next year, and Jo will be a Senior, those pictures just didn't make it into the update, lol!
  • I have been thinking and rethinking about who would be the voice of this update, and eventually decided to go with Johanna, I'm still not 100% sure, but I'm quite happy with the result :)


  1. Oh, that preggy ROS can be a hard one! What a Sim for it to happen to...poor Anna.

    I'm glad her parents are supportive and that Bai is sticking around. He's kind of unlucky with this sort of thing, huh?

    I think it worked well from Johanna's point of view, by the way. I understand though, it's so hard to decide on who should tell the story sometimes! I was really glad I'd already decided on Elspeth for my last update or else I would have had to do a lot more rewriting than I already did!

  2. Aww poor Anna, didn't stand a chance with that ROS. I hope that things work out well for her and Bai. I'm glad that she can move in with them and finish her college, should make it all easier.

    Your hospital is looking great, I decorate mine as I play/need too, still unfinished in some areas, and it's been in my game for more than a year.