Monday, April 11, 2011

SVU B - September 2018

SimsVille University
Jason Savage and Mario Burrie are 19, Magda Kievits and Niels Bleek are 18
(Tina Mishoen is 17)
Narrated by Jason
Life at the dorms is kind of relaxed, you can do almost everything you want without having to explain yourself. If you don't want to study, you just don't, but I think some of us take that a little bit too literally.
I don't know what Niels was expecting when he decided on going to university, but he pretty much doesn't do a thing! He sleeps in untill somewhere late in the morning and hangs in front of the tv the rest of the day. It's even better when someone joins him. Occasionally, when he remembers he has a class, he goes there.
I'm not going to say that he doesn't do anything. When he sees me or Mario working on something, he mostly joins in, and apparently he does good in his classes as well, we haven't seen any of his teachers around. I'm just saying he could do more of an efford.
I don't think he ever wrote his term paper, and they are really a pain to get done! It's good for him if he gets away with it, but it's frustrating at times.
His girlfriend Tina is over a lot too, and she spends the night most of the time as well.
I don't think she's considering to go to univeristy, but Niels volonteerd to give her a tour of campus anyway, and they go out a lot as well.
I don't know if she would come over if she knows what Niels does when she's not around.
And I know for a fact that it's doesn't stop with flirting!
Latlely it seems like everyone is in love except me. Mario started something not so serious with one Magda last year, and this year they are serious.
The hot tub we have at our dorm, is doing overtime!
She's a nice girl, I get along with her pretty good myself. And to be honest if she wasn't seeing Mario, I think I would have given it a shot!

  • Niels never ever rolls any school-related wants! I not ready yet to give all my control away, so I let them study the skills they need that semester, but if they don't roll any wants to do assignments or write their term papers, they don't! Maybe one day I'll be ready to let them decide if they want to study for those skills as well :)
  • Magda is the girl Mario had a thing for last year. Since it was more serious this year I moved her in, and made a playable NPC, which reminds me that I have to update that page...
  • Despite Niels lack of enthousiasm to study, he did manage to finish this year, and move on to the next one. Jason and Mario aslo succesfully finished their year and will be juniors next year.
    Next year this household will be joined by 2 new freshmen; Melissa and Margot Mertens.
  • I think I'll have to demolish this dorm :( It's the ona that has been causing my chrashes lately, they only happend in this dorm. I'm not looking forward to it, because I really like PlumbBob Hall, and I'm not looking forward to rebuilding it, I have so much work in my hood already.


  1. I don't know how can sims use the hot tub after other sims "were" there. I wish they would have a "Clean water" option.

    Niels is so lucky to have passed this year. Who doesn't write his paper? :D

  2. Aww that sucks if you have to demolish PlumbBob Hall :(. I was just saying to myself how much I liked the look of it. Maybe there's just too much action going on in that hot tub and the game can't handle it ;).

    I just finished playing my last college household (I have 2) and 3 of the 4 sims in the dorm hardly ever roll up wants to do their school work. I send them to class occasionally but I don't make them do assignments unless they have a want. Same with skills and I have a hack that will give them a lower grade if they don't do their term paper. So we'll see how many 4.0s we have this year, slackers! :)

  3. Niels! I'd like to see what happens if Tina finds out how busy he is with other girls when she's not around.

    Mario and Magda look like they make a cute couple. LOL though, I always have the same thought as Flit when I think about those Sim hot tubs!

    I'm sorry about your dorm. :\ When you build the new one, save a copy to your Lot Bin and then if something else goes wrong with the new one, you can hopefully just replace it instead of rebuilding.

  4. Thanks for reading everyone!

    Flit Those hot tubs really are something to think about :) I really do hope they have that option, otherwise it would be a little bit nasty!
    I don't know if Niels will be able to keep this up all through uni!

    Danielle I know! I'm not looking forward to it, since it took me 3 days to build it! But I have a plan :) I will be putting it in my game again with Clean installer, maybe that works.
    At this moment I can't give it all out of my hands just yet, but we'll see what the future brings :)

    Carla Tina isn't going to go to uni, but I'm kind of wondering the same thing, she's a romance sim herself, but I haven't played her since installing ACR, and Niels was all ACR with that dormie.
    I'm going to try to replace the dorm with clean installer, and I hope this works :)

  5. Agree with Flit on the hot tub. It always disturbs me how sims can just hop in to do their business right after another one... Makes me wary of using hot tubs in real life. ;)

    Wow on Niels! I'm looking forward to seeing how Tina behaves now that you have installed ACR, she may not mind at all that Niels is a busy guy.

    I hope clean installing the lot will make it work right, it looks great. It'd be awful to lose it.