Monday, March 21, 2011

Tora 1 - June 2018

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The Tora Family
Erik is 25 and Annie is 27
(Abby Gradonni is 27)
Narrated by Annie

I'm getting a little bit tired of having to pay rent all the time. I was nice to have this plae when we were first starting out, but now I would love a place of our own.
Prices aren't great though. Erik and I have been searching the internet a lot, and we've some houses that we really like but are still doubting if we are ready to take that step.
It's not a bad place to live anyway. The thing I miss most is a garden. At home I used to have a large garden, and now we only have a small balcony, which isn't a lot during summer.
We try to go out quite a lot though, mingle with other or just the two of us, which is what Erik prefers.
I like going out to dinner, we're both not great cooks, and if there's one thing I really like it's getting a good meal.
One night we were surpised by a burlar. The police was able to catch the guy, and lock him away. But it was the final straw for me, I wanted to get away there!
So Erik and I finally tied the knot and bought a house. It's not huge, but there are 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms, and fairly big garden, wich is great when we are going to have kids.
Ever since we found out Abby and Reinout are going to have baby, I have been thinking about having children myself. Erik and I are reading a lot about it, to prepare ourselfs.
The move couldn't have come at a better time, because some weeks after we moved, I started to feel nauseous in the mornings. 
So we did one of those home prenancytests, and it confirmed what we were already thinking. I'm pregnant! We're both really excited about it.
We desided not to tell just yet, but I couldn't keep my mouth shut when I went to the park with Abby, she's my twin-sister after all. Our main topic at the moment is babies of course, and how glad we are that our children will only be a month apart in age.

  • To be honest neither Erik or Annie had to want to have a baby, but I desided to take them of birth control anyway, and they try for a baby immidiatly. Due to some problems with my game, I had place in a back up, and had to move Annie and Erik again, and they both rolled the want for a baby :)
  • Despite the fact that Abby's baby wasn't planned at all, I'm kind of excited that their children will be so close in age, seeing they are twins, I figured it would be nice. So thank you game, for giving me my first birth-control-failure-baby :D
  • I was getting tired of Annie and Erik living in that building, and then that burglar came and I saw it as a sign, and they didn't have to take out a huge loan to buy this house (it's that same house as Gordon and Lia's over in Sullivan)

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  1. As soon as I saw that house, I said "That's Gordon and Lia's place!" LOL

    Anyway, I'm glad these two have found a house and are having a baby. I don't blame Annie for telling Abby. She must be so excited and I'm sure Abby won't tell anyone else in SimsVille. ;)