Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthdays - August 2018

Over at the Gradonni residence, everybody is  looking forward to the birth of the first grandchild next Februari.
Even though it's very busy at the office with the building of the new office in Simmeria, Abby desided to take some das off and enjoy the summen in their backyard.

  • Abby and Annie are both pregnant, but Abby will be the first to give birth in February 2019, a month later it will be Annies turn.
  • I'm not really hoping for any specific gender, though I would like for the sisters to have the same gender :)


  1. Aw, that would be really cute if they both had the same gender! I loved that Claudia and Victoria both had girls when they were pregnant together.

  2. Thanks for reading Carla! Ah yes Claudia and Victoria both had girls, I thought that was nice as well. Most of the time when I want something like this, my game desides otherwise, so I'll just keep my fingers crossed!