Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthdays - June 2018

Tika Mishoen just entered her second trimester, and is still trying to do a lot with her boys, while the 5-year old Lewis, is entertaining himself at the jungle gym, 1-year old Joshua is having a great on  the wobbly horse. Even though she's enjoying the time with her boys, she's looking forward to the birth of this baby in September.
Over at the Roque residence, they are alreayd celebrating little Charles' 1st birthday.

I don't have any good pictures of Fran as a toddler, and none of Yuan, because he only came in game as a child, but I think he looks more like his mom, while his brother is their father all over, though I think there are some features of Yuan there as well.

  • Only 3 more simmonths untill we find out what Tika and Xiang will be having, and I'm going to say it once more, I'm really hoping for a girl this time. They already have 2 great boys, and now I would like to see a girl with their features, but knowing my game I think I'm going to prepare for a boy.
  • As for Charles, I really think he's a cutie, and that he looks like his mother, but that might be because they have the same skintone. He doesn't look like his brother that much though.


  1. Charles definitely looks like Fran to me! He's very sweet looking. :)

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for a girl for Tika this time!

  2. Ooh Charles is adorable! I agree that he resembles his mother too! I hope that Lewis gets a baby sister, and you're able to see what their genes look like making a girl!