Monday, March 14, 2011

Gradonni 1 - May 2018

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The Gradonni Family
Kürt is 58, Debby is 50, Reinout is 31 and Abby is 27
(Erik Tora is 25 and Annie Tora is 27)
Narrated by Reinout

Spring is always a great time for the farm. The pond is no longer frozen, so Debby can start fishing again, so there's again a stock to make fresh fishmeals.
With a greenhouse seasons are not that important, but still I love spring, I love working in the greenhouse, and the smell of dirt and young plants.
Kürt is packing most of the vegetables in crates to sell them later... We all have out things to do when it's spring. 
Abby doesn't have much time to help out at the farm. She's busy with her work most of the time. Her firm plans on opening an office in Simmeria and she would love to be transfered there. It would be great if she could be head of the office, but she's realistic, there are older and more expirienced sims at the firm who also would love the transfer.
She does take time for the two of us, which isn't always easy when you live with your parents-in-law, but we are able to manage for now.
It has it's plus too, to live with them. Debby loves doing the household and is a great cook! We are hardly ever bothered with the household or the cooking, so there really is no need to complain.
Debby does is almost all, on to of her work at the farm, and she's even able to find the time to play with her cats.
Abby hasn't been feeling well lately. She's throwingp up a lot and feels tired all the time.
I was getting worried, because she wasn't feeling better, so we desided to go to the hospital to let a doctor take a look. While we were waiting to go in, Abby tried to asure me that everything would be fine, that she probably ate something wrong.
We were expecting all sorts of things, but pregnancy wasn't one of it, since we use birth control. So when doctor Carette told us that we were going to be parents, we were shocked! This certainly wasn't what we had planned.
When we got over the shock, we were thrilled of course. We invited Abby's sister and her husband over, to tell the whole family the good news all at once. The were al excited, and Annie started planning our wedding immidaitly!

A (not so good) first peak of the new Simmeria hospital, it's called the BellaDonna District Hospital, which of course is too large put on the walls completely, so for short it's the BDD Hospital. It's located in the BellaDonna Business District, right next to SimsVille Univeristy, in Simmeria.
It's not yet finished, but I was getting tired of my sims announcing their pregnancies without even seeing a doctor, and I didn't want to play my old hospital anymore, since I love this much more. I just don't feel that inspired at the moment to finish it :( Normally I don't play lots that aren't finished, but for this one I made an exception.

  • The once of you following me on twitter, some weeks ago I posted a spoiler about my first birth control failure, and now you know who got knocked up because of it! This certainly wasn't what I had planned for them, I wanted them to get married first, but it's not a disaster either.
    Their first child is due for February 2019.
  • I know their house doesn't look the same as it did in the last update, but that's completely my own fault. I wanted to add a foundation to their old home, but did something wrong and completely wrecked their home, so I build them a new one, the lay-out is exactly the same however.
    I know that their livingroom/diningroom/kitchen, look white in some pictures, and green in others, that's because I desided to redecorate their house when I was playing them :)
  • I haven't let them open their business this round, because I wanted them to have a nice stock of vegetable, and with the forced move, they lost the once that were already growing, and Kürt's inventory was rather empty.
  • I've mentioned something about a new archtecture in Simmeria when I was playing the Wagtmans Family last round, here. And there will be  a an office, but I don't know when exactly, I have some idea's in my head already, now I just need to build them. Mairi Wagtmans is more expirienced, and will most likely become the head of the office, with Abby as the second in command.


  1. A baby! And a wedding! There'll be lots of excitement for Reinout and Abby over the next several months.

    Birth control failures can really throw a spanner in the works! But I'm sure they'll cope and they'll be great parents. I guess Abby might have to put her career on hold for a little while though.

  2. This is exciting! I'm looking forward to the wedding and the baby, and seeing what they have. It seems there is a good balance for this household, and with all those adults, I imagine the little one will be quite spoiled!