Monday, June 14, 2010

Zang 1 - Spring 2015

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The Zang Family
Tao is 61, Yena is 57, Xun is 32, Tosca is 28 and Ross is 1
Tosca: I love Ross, of course I do, he's my son, my little boy, the joy in my life! He's such a smart boy, and so handsome, but of course I'm his mother, so maybe others think about him differently.
But not his grandparents, of course not. Both Tao and Yena are home a lot, and try to spend as much time with Ross as possible. Sometimes is can be really annoying, because he is my son, not theirs! But at other times it can be so handy!
With Yena being home that much, there is no need to hire a nanny when I need to go to work, and Tao and Xun are off to the shop.
I want Xun to spend time with Ross. Not just 5 minutes a day, but real quality time! He really does his best, and you can see Ross enjoys that a lot.
But much too soon, he has to go back to work again. Even when he's at home, he works all the time. Crafting robots appears to be really time-consuming.
Once in a while he also makes a toy-robot. Ross really loves those! I'm a little bit scared when he put it in his mouth, but Tao and Xun always assure me that these things are build for children, so it's no big deal when they get wet, but I'm still not sure.
Tao and Xun moved the shop to another location. The first one was getting to small, so they bought another lot and build a new shop. It's looking good.
And customers still seem to find it, because they come in masses. Xun says that the shop is always packed with customers. Tao has his hand full restocking all the time, and Xun is running from customers to the cash register and back.
Yena is still trying to talk to Yuan after he left 2 years ago. He called to tell that he had a son, but he only wanted to talk to Xun and refused to talk to his mother of father. I can see it's breaking Yena's hart, she hasn't even seen her newest grandchild. I keep wondering why he called if he refuses every contact, he must have known it would hurt, but he isn't a mean person.
She sits in the garden a lot, we finally decorated it. She just sits there, enjoying the scenery. She lives up when she's playing with Ross or Lewis.
I tried talking to Tao about it, but he said there was nothing he could do. If she wanted to talk to him, she would, otherwise he would leave it, after that he changed the subject and I never got the chance to bring it up again.
Maybe he's right. It's not that she's not enjoying life as it is, because she really enjoys everything else. Maybe I should just leave it as well.
One day she offered to watch Ross, so Xun and I could have night all to ourselves. We went to this newly opened restaurant in SimsVille, I forgot the name, and toasted on life. We had time to talk about lots of things. He talked about working in the shop, and how he loved it, being around other sims. We also brough up the topic of expanding the family again, we both agreed it was time, Ross would love a little bother or sister to play with, and we don't want the children to be too far apart in age. It was a great night, back home, everybody was already in bed, so we both went into Ross' bedroom to tuck him in.

Extra pic:
This picture didn't make it into the story, but I absolutely love it! Ross looks so sweet on this toy (I don't know the name in English, and I don't know it in Dutch, my laguage, so I wasn't able to look it up)

  • I know the ending is rather abrupt, and the subject of another child, seems to be comming out of the blue, but Tosca had the want for another child ever since Ross became a toddler, like every other family-sim. I wanted them to have another child, but when writing this it never came up, and the only time I could bring in up was at the restaurant.
  • Tosca and Xun are still very much in love, even though they don't seem to be doing so much things together. Xun is always working!
  • Tao Technology is going really well. Xun sold his first Servo, unfortunatly I don't remember to who, I think it was a townie.
  • About the restaurant's name, I didn't forget the name, it simply has no name. I created it myself, and I love it, but I'm awfull when it comes to names, so if anyone has a suggestion ...


  1. The toddlers look so cute on that toy - the English game calls it a 'Bouncy Bork Spring Rider', whatever that means :) I was glad when they added that to the game so that the toddlers have something to do outside now.

    I've never tried playing a robot shop before - I have one teen who wants to build robots, although she can only do toy ones so far... maybe in future she could have a shop.

  2. I thought it was a nice addition too, but I would have loved for them to add even more toys, for toddlers and children!

    The robot-shop isn't really just a robot-shop, it's more an electronics-shop. I was never a huge fan of it myself, but it goes really well.