Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wagtmans 1 - Spring 2015

The Wagtmans Family
Harry is 46, Mairi is 45, Camden is 5 and Collin is 4
Harry: When Collin turend 4, I could see the relief on Mairi's face. She was so happy they both were going to go to school, that I didn't dare to mention the possibilty of having a third one. I would love to have another one, a little girl this time, but I don't think I will get Mairi on my side this time.
So I enjoy my boy as much as I can now, when they still need me a little bit. One night at dinner Camden brought up a subject that I might get Mairi's agreement for, taking a family-vacation.
The boys seem to talk about it a lot, even when they are just playing at their drawingtable. It's something I have been dreaming to do too. Mairi and I took our honeymoon to Twikii Island, and we always said we would go there again, with our kids.
So when the boys were at school, one of Mairi's favorite moments of the day, I brought up the subject. She wasn't to eager about it. I couldn't stay, I had to go to work but she promissed to think about it. I understand that she's reluctant about it, we just did some changes inside the house and I know it all costs money, but you only live once!
Evenetually she agreed it would be nice to take a family-vacation, but not this year. She wants to do it when the boys are a little bit older so they can do more things together with us.
Instead she agreed on going in a year or 2, but agreed on doing something with the garden so the boys can have a super summer at home. Camden and Collin were thrilled with the new swingset, and tested it immidiatly after school. Sometimes we even have a hard time getting them inside for dinner.
The upgraded garden isn't for the boys only. Both Mairi and I can enjoy just sitting there watching the skys and hearing the boy's laughter in the background. Those moments are perfect for catching up on news from work.
After some time thinking, I have to agree with Mairi on not having a third child. I never brought up the subject, but the boys are doing great, and we are finally done with daipers, and even talking about a family-vacation. A little girl would be great, but what we have isn't far from perfect.

  • First off all have you noticed the new button on the right-side "Family Index"?
    I FINALLY updated all the profiles and the new index is ready! Also updates are the familytrees, but apparently I didn't have much work there.
  • Second; I know this update is some nagging about another child, and family, even though they both aren't family sims (sometimes I feel like all my updates are like this), but Harry is seconday family, and he did roll up the want for another child, but I think it rolled away in the end.
  • All Camden could talk about for some time was going on a vacation, and I really did plan to let them take their children to the exact same place they went for their honeymoon, so they will do that, when I play them next.
  • As for the changes to some of my sims and their houses; when I redid my hood, I redid some of my sims, gave them a new hairstyle, put them in other clothing, ... mayby you won't notice, but I sometimes have difficulties reconizing my own sims when they stop by on a community lot.
    As for the houses, I wanted to take all of their houses to the new hood, but some kept kraching on me :(, so some have the same house but with different intiriors, others have everything the same, and some others have completely new homes!


  1. I think it's the right decision to just stick with their two boys. It might be difficult for Mairi to fall pregnant at 45 anyway and it could end up causing a lot of stress if they tried.

  2. Two boys is good, their family name continues, and they have each other to be best friends.

    I have that problem of recognizing some sims after makeovers.