Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Min 1 - Summer 2015

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The Min Family
Quan is 45, Chu is 44, Anna is 16 and Benny is 10
(Jo Belio is 17)
Anna: I love high school! Not school itself, I hate school, but the fact that I'm home early, much earlier than Benny, that's the thing I love!Those few hours all to myself, the peace and quiet, I absolutely love it! Sometimes I ask Laura or Jo to come home with me so we can just hang out. Other days I just enjoy it all by myself.
And then Benny gets home, and the quiet is gone! My friends leave, and I get stuck with him. He's not a difficult kid, just an annoying. He plays videogames all the time.
And when mom gets home, he rushes out to greet her, he is 10 you know, and he still runs outside to greet mommy! I think I gave that up by the time I got 7 or so. To make it all look even better, he then ask her to help him with his homework, wich she does. Of course she then sees the pile of homework I leave on the floor every day.
Most of the time she desides to ignore it, and goes to do her own stuff. As long as I don't get a warning, or don't get expelled, I think she fine with it all. Disappointed but fine with it.
Lately mom and dad gave me premission to go out. Go anywhere I want, as long as it's in SimsVille, or SimsVille Up Hill. So when mom is home, I call Jo and we're off. Most of the time we go to the 'Fun & Games' where we play some poker. It's mostly a teen hang out, so it's pretty nice there.
One night mom and dad even let me go to Simmeria! Jo of course went with me. We went to 'Club Dante', we had some drinks at the bar and sang some karaoke. It wasn't something to go to Simmeria for, we have such bars in SimsVille too, but Simmeria is something like the forbidden land, when you're allowed to go, everything seems to much cooler!
I think Simmeria was about the last time I was allowed to go out. The next day, a saturday, mom got a call from my principal, I didn't even think they called on saturdays, maybe he made an expetion since my principal married my autn. He said that if my grades kept slipping like this, I was going to get expelled, so I got grounded, and was forced to doing homework.
They still allowed me to invite Jo over, and I was so happy for that fact. I don't think I would have survived without her. But she's not allowed to stay long, she's grounded too, because her parents found out she gotten a tattoo without their permission. She's allowed to come over, but has to be home on time.
One day mom sat me down for a talk about university and my future. She told me that her and dad are willing to take out a loan to let me go to university, if I can get my grades up. I really want to go, I do, but I don't think I can get my grades up, not to the grade I need to get accepted. She told me to think about it.
Later I also talked to dad about it. He really wants me to go, but he needs to know that I'm going for it all the way, because they don't want to take out a loan for nothing. I know Jo is going to university, and I really wanted to talk to Jo about it, but I got banned from the phone too.
I tried to think about something else that night. Mom and dad were out, and I get left home with Benny. He actually is quite smart when you take the time to talk to him. He said, that when it's his time he will take the chance with both hands, not only for the opportunity to learn, but also to meet new sims. Maybe he's right, but I want to go only to meet new sims and not to learn.
I still have 2 years to think about it, and I allready know it's going to be hard.

  • Like every parents Quan and Chu have the want for their daughter to go to university. Anna on the other hand, has the want too, but doesn't put any efford into learning, she hardly has any skillpoint, and her grades are bad! The fact is that the family hardly has any money, so it would be sad if they took out a loan for their daughter and that she ruins is. So I'm still undesided if Anna will be going to university or not.
  • Next update, hopefully, on thursday!


  1. I like when she says that Benny is actually smart when she takes the time to talk to him. I wonder what you will end up deciding to do with Anna, if she'll go to college or not. You could always do a student loan in her own name (that's how mine go most of the time).

    If I were Anna, I wouldn't go unless I wanted to study, cause that's a lot of money to squander, and you can meet new sims at the grocery store, lol.

  2. I have no idea at all about what I'm going to do. I thought she wouldn't be going, but now I'm doubting it again. I still have time untill the winter of 2017 to deside, then she will be turning 18.