Friday, June 25, 2010

Belio 1 - Summer 2015

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The Belio Family
Bram is 41, Ling is 40, Johanna is 17, Stephan is 7 and Steven is 7
(Anna Min is 16)
Johanna: I don't know why mom and dad wanted to move. Our old house was just fine. I would have understand if they were able to buy a house, but no, it's another rental!
It wouldn't have mattered in wich house we lived, I was grouned anyway! The last time Anna and I were out, I desided to get a tattoo, and I love my bat wings! Unfortunatly mom and dad don't! So to punish me, for doing this whitout their permission, they grounded me!
I tryed convincing dad to let me go out again, I promissed it would just be the museum, but mom walked by and could see I was just telling something to get out.
It's dreadfull having to go to bed early because of pure boredom, because there is no other reason to go to bed early.
Of course I have lot's of time to work on my grades now! Mom and dad want me to go to university, and I want a way out of here, so this is my chance! I'm working hard on my skills and homework.
I'm trying to convince Anna to go to, so we can be at university together. It would be great to have Anna there with me. She's my best friend, but since we are both grounded we don't see each other that much anymore.
Sometimes I call her late at night, and then we sneak out. We both fear the day we get caught, but it's much more fun then staying at home every day and night!
Mom wants me to watch the boys while she's at work, and dad is in the shop. But even thouhh they are only 6, they don't need much looking after. They play in the community playground, and our neighbor plays with them all the time, I don't know where she finds the time, because she has 2 little girls ate home!
And when the finally come home, the play in the garden with the stuff dad crafts. At some point I have to tell them to do their homework. I don't really care if they do it, I did what mom asked me to do, and told them to do it.
Dad mostly is at home. He's constantly crafting, so he can re-open his shop. Sometimes I wonder why I need to watch the boys, when dad is at home. When I tell them to do something, they run to dad and ask him is they really need to do that! I hate it when they do that, but in a few months I'm out of here!

  • I love Jo's tattoo, but I figured parents wouldn't like it if their 17-year old would get a tattoo without even telling them.
  • I don't know why, but Jo always kept a little bit to herself since the boys were born, maybe she was always doing something else when the family was doing something together. Like every 17-year old she isn't too fond of her younger brothers and can't wait to get away to university, where she will go in the winter of 2016.
  • I know I said this update would be posted on thursday, but I really haven't been home to write it! With some luck the next update, a birthday-update, will be here by Sunday.

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  1. Jo's becoming a bit of a wild one, isn't she? I think she must just be very keen to get out there on her own. Not long, I guess!