Sunday, June 20, 2010

Zang 2 - Summer 2015

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The Zang Family
Wang is 55, Chao is 52 and Bai is 23
(Mariëtte Alenis is 21)
Chao: I'm glad we were forced to move to this apartment. The one we used to live in before was getting demolished, but I don't regret it. And it's so mich better then the trailer parc, the neighbors here are much nicer, but that's not so hard!
Wang has, once again, given up on a hobby. He stopped writing his book, and is now, yet again, painting! I'm fine with it, but he has trouble letting go of things, so he doesn't sell one piece, and keeps them all. I fear that our apartment will be filled with all of his art, and to be honest, it's not that good!
Well at least it keeps him busy when I'm at work, and he isn't. He's a party-DJ, and works nights so he never goes to work early.
Bai is also a party-DJ, so they are both at home all day long, and they don't do a thing! It's not that they are lazy, they just don't mind all the dirt, they hate cleaning, and love having fun! So they paint, play violin, or dance trhoughout the day. When I get home I can do everything else. Sometimes I think they forget, everybody else likes having fun too.
The same goes for the dog. I can still remember the day Bai and I went to buy Rambo. Bai was so happy and full of promisses!
He kept it up from some months, but now, years later, I'm the one the one taking care of the dog.
And in the end, Bai just spoiles him by letting him sleep on his bed!
I complained to Wang about it once, and he started having fun on the couch! I have to admit, it was fun! But I feared Bai comming in any second!
But Bai isn't home much lately. When he's not working, he's constantly out, to god knows where. He has been feeling down lately, and thinks that going out will get him over it, I have serious doubts about that, but it's his life.
Before I knew it, or was even ready for it, he brought home a girl. Her name is Mariëtte, and I don't like her that much. She doesn't have a lot of money and although we don't have that much either, I have the feeling she's after Bai's money!
I try not to think about Bai and Mariëtte but it's hard. Because I love my son, and I want to best for him.
And it's hard not to think about them, when they are in the next room, always! She comes over almost every day, and stays most of the nights too. Since she's looking for work, and unemployed at the moment, they both have time to stay in bed almost all day long!
Since it's summer I try to stay outside as much as I can so I don't see them that much. Wang isn't worried at all, he's hardly ever worried about anything, so he stays inside to paint.
Well, I think he will start worrying now! We hadn't seen Mariëtte some days, and I was starting to think they had broken up, I had asked Bai about it, but he said they were still together. Then, one night, he got a phone call from her, informing him she was pregnant! I couldn't believe my ears! It's not nice of me, but I was kind off hoping Bai would break up with her, instead he desided to move in with her and help her raise the baby! I'm more and more convinced that she doesn't want Bai, but she's just after his money.

  • Chao isn't mean at all, but she doesn't like Mariëtte, so I figured she wouldn't like to see her precious boy leaving the house to live with her.
    But I like Mariëtte, I think she looks great!
  • Chao has only 2 neat points, but Wang and Bai have none, so they leave a mess all over the place, with Chao has to clean up because she's the neatest!
  • I don't like the fact that Wang is a party-DJ at his age, but he has no ambition at all to get promoted!
  • With a little bit of luck the next update will be up on tuesday, I really want to get done with this round, because I already finished it in game, and I really want to get started with round 9, because I have some plans!
  • Mariëtte and Bai have already profiles, but they are not yet listed in the family index, I will get that done as soon as I've played them for the first time.


  1. I hope this works out for Bai and Mariette! They're still quite young to be having a baby together, which sometimes can work out and sometimes doesn't.

  2. Aww a baby, I hope the best for those two, and that it's not just about financial security for Mariette. Likewise that Chao can come around to like Mariette since she's in the family to stay at least a bitwith the baby on the way.

    So funny that Chao is the neatest at a whopping two points, and has to clean up after everyone. That's pretty funny.