Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthdays - Fall 2015

And here we are again, with the birthdays of this season!
First of, so I don't forget again, is the announcement of the upcomming birth of the fist chilf of Mariƫtte Alenis and Bai Zang, the will be welcomming their unexpected extention to the family in the Spring of 2016.
Next we visit the Terrano family. Where Stella had a rather easy but tiring pregnancy. She spend most of her pregnancy in bed.
But in the end it was all worth it, when she was able to hold her little girl in her arms, and showed her to her husband. Welcome little Enya Terrano!
And last but not least, it's time for a visit to the Draper household, where little Lucas Draper is celebrating his 1ste birthday.
Personally I think he looks a lot like his half-siblings.
Anabel Spits
And Anthony Spits.
Wich means all three must look like their father, since that's the only parent they have in common.

  • I was always wondering who Anabel and Anthony looked liked the most, and now I see Lucas, I can see they look like each other, wich means they all look like their father.
  • Jason still is unaware of the existance of Anabel and Anthony, Kristianne broke up with him as soon as she found out she was pregnant and never told him.
  • I'm sorry for the crappy pictures of the twins, but they are the only ones I have!
  • Enya is looking so sweet! She doesn't have those big alien-eyes (wich I don't like) but then again her morther doesn't have those either, so we're good there!
  • I love the picture of MariĆ«tte, lieing on the bed thinking, we will visit them, and get a look in her thoughts soon!


  1. Lucas is cute, and I guess he does look like his dad, cause him and Anabel definitely look related!

    Enya is super sweet. And yeah for no huge alien eyes.

  2. Aliens with human eyes are the cutest! I bet Enya is going to be so cute when she grows up.