Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Terrano 1 - Winter 2015

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The Terrano Family
Nio is 23 and Stella is 26
(Tika is 31 and Lewis is 2)
Stella: Life is getting more and more the same lately. We both have our jobs to worry about, but it's not the same as it was before. I still want the same things in life as before, but it feels like something is missing.
I go to work when Nio is still a sleep because he work later in the day. I don't like leaving like that, but at this time there is no other solution if we both want to keep our jobs.
At night I have to eat dinner all alone because Nio works late. This is something else I really don't like! I need to get out more I know, I'm so dependent of Nio at the moment. When he's not at home I don't have somebody else, I need to start making friends here.
I just don't feel like going out on my own, so instead I fill my nights with long hot bubblebahts, and watching TV, and waiting for Nio to come home.
Both Nio and I don't want to hire any help around the house. His mother thinks it's stupid, but it's our house and we do the household as we like it! Without any help there always is something to do around the house. I like fixing things, but it would be realy stupid o go and break thing so I can fix them, instead I take care of the garden.
And because Nio is such a slob, he's in charge of cleaing the house. I hope he gets a little bit tidier because of this, but I won't get my hopes up too high.
After all the hard work we mostly make time to do something fun together. One day when it had snowed really hard, we went into the garden to make a snowman, we looked like little children but we had so much fun!
On his days off, Nio invites his cousin over a lot. She's his best friend, and they used to live next to each other before Nio moved to Simmeria. Sometimes she brings over her little boy.
When she does that, Nio spends allmost all his time with the little boy. Who can blame him, Lewis is one of the cutest toddlers I've ever seen!
And when they put Lewis down for his nap, they lunch together, and talk about almost everything! These are things I want to, some one, besides Nio, with who I can share everything.
Nio sometimes feels how lonely I am, and tries to make me feel better by cuddling me. I know he means well, but it's not the same as having a best friend!
Friends aren's always that good, I know that too, you need to make time to spend with them. Nio and his sister Tina have always gotten along really well, but moving and his own family made it harder in Nio to find time to call her. One evening I heard him making up all kinds of excuses on the phone. He later told me that Tina was rather mad at him for not calling, and I just know she's right!
I even don't think things will get better in the future since Nio and I are going ot expand out little family! Seeing Tika with little Lewis, and seeing Nio playing with the little one, made me realize that that just may be the thing missing in my life....

  • I've noticed I speak of Simmeria without telling you all what it is exactly. Some time ago I decided to redo Upper SimsVille, with that I also changed the name to Simmeria, because I liked it better, so the sims living in Simmeria are the ones that used to live in Upper SimsVille.
  • There something else I forgot to mention; in the Mishoen-update Tika says something about her sister, Sya and her girlfriend, Marie, moving out. They moved to Simmeria, and we will be seeing them again in the Fall of 2015.
  • I like those meetings with friends, or family, but when I let them bring the kids, there are so little options that my sims can do with the babies or toddlers. In the Verbon-update Jason wasn't even able to put his own son down to take a nap, and there even was an extra crib....

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  1. Tanja, I think if you use the allmenus on cheat, you'll be able to use the crib for visiting babies and toddlers. I haven't tried it yet in my own game but it seems to work for other interactions that usually aren't available for visitors.

    I feel for poor Stella. Maybe once the baby is born, you can have a little mothers' group so Stella can make a friend!