Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthdays - Winter 2015

Ok, it's the first time I did birthdays like this, and I have to say, I like it a lot! Playing isn't longer overshadowed by birthdays and neither are my posts.
So here we go!
First we have little Ross Zang, he celebrates his 1sth birthday this fall.
Next up is Colling Wagtmans; who celebrates his 4th bithday, and will start school this year.
Julian Zanobi will be joining him as a new preschooler this year, because he also celebrates his 4th birthday.
We continue with the Zanobi family, but this time we go to Julian's uncle house, where we have Matthew celebrating his 11th bithday, he's very keen to start high school, and get rid of his little sister!
Joining him in high school will be Melina Mokara. Unlike Matthew she's not looking forward to high school, and this because her father is the principal, and the only techer for now.
This round we also have a lot of elderly-birthday. Here we start with Kürt Gradonni, who's still not giving up on his shop, and hopes it will be something great some day.
Bianca Penninkmeijer is also turning 55 this year. She's very happy to have her oldest daughter back home, and hopes she will get married soon, and starts a family of her own, so Bianca can take care of some grandchildren.
Even though he only recently left his wife to live with his mistress, and although that didn't really turned out like he planned, Berend Lillig is still a happy 55-year old, who hopes to still have a long and happy life in front of him.
And last but nog least, we have Wang Zang, also celebrating his 55th birthday, and with that joining his brother in elderhood!

  • Not really a note about the birthdays, but just letting you all know, I'm almost finishe building! Well, in SimsVille Anyway, Simmeria is not nearly finished and there still is a lot of work at SimsVille University, but that can wait! I'm almost ready to play again, and not a minute to soon! I was almost showing withdrawal symptoms!
  • I still have 2 updates ready for you, the first one will most likely be up on saturday!


  1. I also really like having birthdays separately from other posts. And reading other Simmer's birthday posts is one of my favorite kinds.

    You had a lot of birthdays this time! What is your population now?

  2. I love reading other people's birthday posts too!

    Ross is pretty the most adorable thing ever! And Melina is so cute - watch out boys!

  3. I'm another fan of birthday posts.

    Julian and Ross are adorable!

    Good luck on your building! I went through withdrawal too when I was redoing my hood.