Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mishoen 2 - Fall 2014

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The Mishoen Family
Marc is 61, Nuan is 56, Xiang is 31, Tika is 30, Sya is 22, Marie is 23 and Lewis is 1
(Tao is 60, Yena is 56)
Tika: My little sister graduated, and moved back home. She brought with her her girlfriend, Marie Gerrits, so the house is really full now.
Xiang and I hardly have one minute to ourselfs. The little minutes we have before we need to get up for Lewis and work are so precious to us.
although, the care for Lewis is taken out of our hands a lot. Everybody adores him, and I have to say, I can completely understand it, he's such a cute boy!
Mom is so proud of Sya, and who can blame her? She graduated top of her class! Mom can't stop talking about it, even to Sya. She's thinking about throwing a little party for Sya to celebrate, but Sya isn't to fond of the idea.
Sometimes I really hate it when it gets really busy in the salon. It reminds me too much of home, where it's busy all the time as well. But lately I'm glad it gets so busy; mom keeps talking about Sya's graduation, and the fact that Sya doesn't want a party. She talks about it every free minute, so I'm glad to talk to the customers!
I don't like it too much that I have to leave Lewis at home when I go to the salon. At the moment it's fine, Sya and Marie don't have a job yet, and so they look after Lewis when Xiang and I need to go to work. They really don't mind, but they want a job too, so we will need to find another solution.
And like I said before, everybody adores Lewis! Even Marie, she only recently met Lewis and she already plays with him all the time! I can see he likes her too.
Marie and Sya didn't stay with as that long, both have found jobs, and they bought a house in Simmeria, mom and dad helped a little and Marie had some savings.
I don't want to leave Lewis with a nanny, and neither does Xiang. So for now one of us stays home to look after him. It's not the best solution, but we don't have another one at the moment.
Xiang's mother, Yena would be more than happy to look after Lewis some days, but since she looks after little Ross too, it would be too much for her.
To make sure she spends enough time with Lewis though, we invite Yena and Toa over a lot. They get along with my parents as well, so those nights are actually a lot of fun.
I think both my parents, and Xiang's would be more than happy if we announce another pregnancy. To be honnest, I would be happy too, but nature has other plans I guess. This makes us able to spend all our energy on little Lewis.

  • I can't blame my sims always wanting to play with Lewis, I think he's the most adorable toddler in SimsVille!
  • Marc, Nuan, Tao and Yena all want another grandchild, and Tika and Xiang have been trying for some time for another one, but it seems like getting pregnant will be a little bit harder this time.
  • Resseting SimsVille is getting there, I still need to build some community lots, but I think it's almost finished to play again! (I really hope so, because in a week, I have a week off from work, and I want to spend is simming!!!!)


  1. Lewis is really stinking adorable. I hope they can have a little sibling for him to play with in the near future.

    Yeah on getting everything nearly completed so you can get lots of play time when you're off work.

  2. Lewis really is cute! Xiang and Tika aren't too old yet, so they might just be unlucky. I hope they manage to have another baby.

  3. I hope your week of time off is so much fun with lots of simming.

    It will be fun to see the all new Simsville. It is kind of nice, too, when Sims don't get pregnant right away when they already have a toddler or baby.