Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rai 1 - Round 4

The Rai Family
Berend is 45, Ella is 37 and Madeleine is 2
Ella: We are still living in that small appartment, and although we have an active toddler in the house now, it's not that bad. Though I really want to move, I want to have my own place!
We get more and more orders to do portraits, I think that's great. Since Berend is a much beter painter than I am, he does all of the painting. But he has another job too, and I think it's hard to combine the both, so I want him to stop working and focus on the paintings, but he doesn't want that. Well, it's his choice I gues.
Since Maddy is so active, and I don't want to miss anything that happens in her life, I desided to close the shop for a couple of days, and focus on her. I love every minute of it! It never gets boring to play with her and watch her do things.
All of my other free time, I try to be with Berend. I think I'm becomming to much of a family-oriented sim, and I never wanted to be since I'm no family-sim!
Soon it was time for Maddy's 4th birhtday. Since we live in an appartment, there was absolutly no room to give a party, oh I want to move so badly! Anyway, Maddy grew up to a lovely child, she looks so much like Berend, at least I think so, but he keeps telling me she looks like me!
Since Maddy started school, and Berend finished the orders, it was time to open the shop again. I could see the customers were happy we were back, and I enjoyed it to be around other sims.
Since the shop is open untill 8pm, Berend had to look after Madeleine after her first day at school. I think she enjoyed it. He even helped her with her homework. I think he's enjoying fatherhood much more than he ever thought he would, or will ever admit! I missed being there after her first day, but life is full of choices, tomorrow I will close the shop sooner.
I finally gotten throught to Berend, and he agreed! We build our own house! It's right next to my college friends, the Roques. There are 3 bedrooms, but we only need 2, so the other one we transformed into a workshop for the both of us! I can't believe we finally have a house of our own!!

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