Monday, September 14, 2009

Roque 1 - Round 4

The Roque Family
Gunnar is 39, Frieda is 37 and Françoise is 3
Frieda: Life is going it's way. We were able to do something with the garden, and we build a garage. Sometimes I want to quit my job, Gunnar makes more than enough money, and so does the café, when it's open that is.
Since Françoise is growing so fast, and Gunnar agreed on a second child, I think there is more than enough to do at home, that I miss now by going to work.
I need to talk to Gunnar about that. When I stop with my daytime job, I also have more time to go to the café with him.
Françoise is now a child, and a sweet one she is. I just know she will do good in everything she does!
Gunnar in the mean time is working hard in getting promotions. Not that we need the money, but I let him.
He also tries to kiss Françoise goodnight every night. I know she likes that. She adores her dad. Every day,when he comes home from work, she runs out to greet him.
She can only enjoy this time together, soon she will have to share because I found out I'm pregnant again.
I gave birth to another girl. Meet Eleanora Roque! She looks just like her big sister when she was a baby, brown eyes, black hair, just their father.
I'm happy to have another girl. Gunnar wanted a boy, but he seems quit happy to have Eleanora too. He even spends time with her, although she's still a baby, he hardly did that with Françoise.
Françoise is thrilled to have a sister. Every time when I go to the kitchen to feed Eleanora, she's there, asking me if she can play with her. It's sweet to see the 2 of them together.
Like I said, I'm happy with my girls, for me no more children, I just know Gunnar feels the same way!

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