Monday, September 14, 2009

Penninkmeijer 1 - Round 4

The Penninkmeijer Family
Frederik is 45, Bianca is 37, Catherine is 10 and Jack and Lawrence are 5
Catherine: Finally I'm a teen! I have been waiting for this day for so long. Now it's my time to prove dad that I can be a great heir!
Dad is kind of old-fashioned; he only wants a boy to be the heir, and it has to be the oldest. Since I'm the oldest, but since I'm a girl, he doesn't see me as the heir. Jack and Lawrence were born after me, and Jack is the oldest, so he is the heir. But I want to be the heir! So it's time for me to prove that I can be!
Mom wants a lot of children, and I think she didn't found 3 was enough, because we welcomed 2 new sisters into our family; Laura and Gabriƫlle. I'm kind of wondering if mom would think 5 is a lot, because I really think it is!
Since the girls are born, mom asked me to help around the house. So now I'm helping taking care of the girls, helping in the house, working hard on school, and doing some extra skilling, to prove to dad I'm worth to be the heir. It's hard, but I need to keep it up, otherwise dad will never see I'm beter!
Life is only getting harder. Laura and Gabriƫlle are toddlers now. And they are really hectic, and busy. It only gives me more to do. When I have a family of my own, I only want 1 child, mayde 2, at the most!
On top of it all, mom found out she's pregnant again! I really truly hope this is the last one. I'm thinking about getting an after-schooljob, but that only would give me even more to do. By the way, I will be leaving for uni soon!
I think I'm finally getting through to dad. Last night, he found a pile of homework from Jack, and when we all had to do out homework, Jack only sat down for a couple of minutes, than said he was done, and went to play some videogames. Lawrence and I worked hard, and then studied some more on our skills. I really hope to move back home when I graduate, I really love this house!

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