Sunday, September 13, 2009

Zanobi 1 - Round 4

Stephan is 55, Virginie is 52, Lucas and Sophie are 25, Andrea is 24 and Dimitri is 22
Sophie: I know I said I would try not to be so jealous anymore, but everything happening in Andrea's life is what I want, and what I don't get!
I want Lucas to marry me, and I want a child. And, I know it sounds silly, but since Lucas is the oldest, I want our child to be the oldest too. But no! That's not my life! Andrea foud out she's pregnant, and not Lucas and I haven't even tried for a baby yet!
Since Dimitri wants his child to be a true Zanobi, he and Andrea got married as soon as possible. I know Lucas asked me, and I know we are engaged now, but sometimes I feel like thats the farthest we are going to go! He never talked about marriage anymore after!
I think Dimitri finally saw something was bothering me, because he talked to me and asked me what was bothering, and I told everything! So he agreed on having a child! I don't know what it is with this man and commitment! I wanted to get married fist! Having the oldest child, wasn't going to happen for us anymore, so then I at least wanted to do in the right order, but Lucas thought otherwise! And since he's giving me something I want, I can't complain, can I?
Some other news in the family; my mother-in-law turned 55. We celebrated with a cake, and the whole family sat down together to celebrate, it was nice.
That same night, Andrea gave birht to first Zanobi heir; Matthew Zanobi. He has bright green eyes, and red hair, like his grandmother. Both grandparents immidiatly adored him!
And the day after I found out I'm pregnant! I can't wait to see this little one! Lucas was happy, but not as excited as I hoped he would have been. My father-in-law on the other hand was thrilled. He can't wait for another grandchild!
Unfortunatly he won't be around to see this little one! One night, he just died! It was so unexpected. I know everybody dies, but he was only 59 years old!
Everybody was down after that incident, nobody went to work, and the restaurant stayed closed. Virginie mainly focused on the little Matthew, and I tried to comfort Lucas as much as I could, and Andrea did the same with Dimitri.
Little Matthew's first birhtday wasn't as joyful as we all planned, but he turned out great! After his birthday, Dimitri and Andrea moved to their newly build house next door.

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