Sunday, August 30, 2009

End of round 3, some new faces

I've made it through round 3 already, and I really hope my computer will last a lot more rounds. Because last time it gave after only 4! But now I have a new one, and I would be very disappointed (not to say mad) if a brand new computer can't handle Sims 2!

To start round 4, I'm going to introduce some new families. I love creating new families, and put them in their house, and think of stories for them. I also want some of my 'Azian' sims (Mishoen) to marry and start families with other 'Azian' sims. Therefor I created 2 new families, after spliting them up, this gives me 5 extra families to play.
Their profiles will soon be updated here for now you can read about the other families.

First there are the 2 Zang families:

Zang 1: Tao Zang is 46, his wife Yena is 42, their twin sons, Xiang and Xun, are 17 and the youngest, Yuan is 10. Tao is planning to open his own electronica business in SimsVille, together with his oldest son Xun.
Zang 2: Wang Zang is Toa Zang's brother, and is 40 years old, his wife is Chao and is 37, and their son, Bai, is 8 years old. They don't have such big dreams as his brother, they only dream of not working.

Then there are 3 other families, Min, Belio, and Mokara, they are all related.

Min 1: Patriarch to these families is Quan Min, a 30 year old man, with the wish and desire to become a gamedesigner. He's married to Chu Min, who is 29 years old, and wants to make it big in politics. Their daughter, Anna is 2 years old.
Belio 1: The Belio famili consists of 3 memders, for now. Ling Belio is the sister of Quan Min, and has also a twin, Yin Mokara. Ling is 25 years old, and is going to open a toystore in SimsVille. Her husband, Bram Belio, is 26 years old, and wil craft some of the toys they will be selling. Their daughter Johanna 1 year old.
Mokara 1: Yin Mokara is the twin sister of Ling Belio, and the other sister of Quan Min. She is 25 years old, and wants to become a name in the athletic career. Her husband is Hand Mokara, a 28 year old family sim, with a love for teaching.


  1. Cute families! Do you marry your sims off to townies or do you try to keep the marriages between playables?

  2. I try to keep it between playables, but I want different genetics too, and I can't keep creating new families, so I let them marry townies too, for now. Maybe one day, when my hood is getting overpopulated, I will stop that.