Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mishoen 1 - Round 3

The Mishoen Family
Gruns is 74, Lin-Mei is 69, Fen is 33, Goofy is 30 and Nio is 4
Fen: We have been living is SimsVille for quit some time now, and a lot has happend to me; I gotten in with the wrong guy and he got me pregnant, and now he doesn't want anything to do with me!
The boy from that relationship is a sweet boy. Mom wants me to spend more time with him. But I just can't put myself to it. He reminds me to much of how stupid I have been, and how unwanted he and I are for his father. So when he got the day off from school, dad took him to the new "Up Alley Tropical Swimming" across town. From what I heard he had a great time.
Mom was a little bit crosses with me, because I didn't go with them, but like I said before, I just can't put myself to it. Instead I did another try to speak to Gunnar, and went to his café.
I have to say, it didn't went well at all! First he didn't want to talk to me. After several tries I gave up, and focussed on the other men in the café. When Gunnar saw that, he got furious and started a fight in the middle of the café. I got out as soon as I could. Maybe I should start thinking about telling his wife .....
I didn't tell anything about this at home.
Mom retired from her job, and to celebrate, she invited my sister and her family over for a winterbarbeque in the greenhouse. It was really cosy! Nuan's husband, Marc, stayed home to look after little Sya, but everybody else was there!
As a surprise my dad arranged for mom and him to leave on a holiday the same night. Mom has always wanted to go to Takemizu Village, so dad took her there. They went for 3 days, and when they came back, both of them couldn't stop talking about it, and about the fact that they would go back there.
In the mean time I found out I'm pregnant again. I have to admit, this wasn't in my planning, but funny enough Goofy wanted a child of his own.
The day after they returned, we allready had to say goodbye to mom again, she died of old age. Dad was heartbroken about it, and is now focussing on the unborn baby. He's constantly talking to my belly!
Now that mom's dead, it made me think about life, and I realised life is going by so fast. I think I'm going to enjoy every moment of this new baby's life!

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