Sunday, August 30, 2009

Draper 1 - Round 3

Jonas is 76, Eve is 74, Jason is 17 and Mia is 15
Mia: I can't believe we are still living in the trailer! Grandma and grandpa always said is was temporarly, and that I didn't have to share a room with my brother that long, but after 10 days we are still here!
I think Jason will start protesting soon too, since he became an adult, he's constantly on the phone with some girl, and I can only asume what he wants to do with them next, but since there is only place for bunk beds in our room, he has nowhere to take them to.
I couldn't believe my eyes, when one day the grim reaper stood there, to take grandma with him! She seemed quit happy to go, saying she had a long and rich life, but seeing grandma go, was hard!
Grandpa is hardly himself after she died. He can lay in the snow for hours, turning blue, without even noticing! I have to force him inside, and then he only stays for a couple of minutes, crying on the couch, and goes back outside. I don't get much support from Jason either. We were never that close, but I would have thought a death would bring a little more together.
Luckily I found this really nice boy. His name is Olaf Verbon, and I met him at school. He comes over almost every day, just to spend some time with me, he's so sweet!
The way grandpa was and behaved these last couple of days, I think it was time for him to go to and be with his beloved Eve!
The same day grandpa died, Jason pakced his things and moved out! I don't think I can depend on him any longer. Thankfully I have Olaf. Soon we will be together at uni!

Note: Since Mia is the last one living the the Draper 1-household, and since she will be turning back from uni in the Verbon 1-household, I desided to make Jason's household the Draper 1, instead of the Draper 2-household!


  1. Sounds like an interesting neighborhood. What kind of game are you playing. Is it prosperity or some challenge. or are you just playing.

  2. Thank you, I love playing it!
    It's kind of a prosperity, but with my own rules, and some of it is just playing too, and I don't keep score. It's my attempt of a cohesive neighbourhood.