Sunday, August 30, 2009

de Leeuw 1 - Round 3

The de Leeuw Family
Johnny is 47, Larissa is 37 and Elisa is 0
Larissa: Life is going it's way. Elisa is growing fast, and Johnny and I are making shedules to combine work and being with her so we don't have to hire a nanny.
This of course means, that moments together are very rare, and treasured!
The time with Elisa is treasured too. She already had her 1ste birthday. She's looking more and more like her dad.
Johnny's oldest daughter is getting along very good as well. She send us this picture of her wedding. She also let us know that she graduated and has found a nice appartement.
Despite everything looking so wonderfull, and going great, I still worry. I still have my doubts about my relationship. I really love Johnny, but does he feel the same. I have the feeling that I can't talk about that with Johnny.
I need to stop thinking about things like that, but sometimes I just can't help myself.
We thought it would be nice for Elisa to have a pet, so we've gotten her a cat. It's fluffy, blobby thing, so we called him Blob.
Elisa is looking more and more like her father every day. Especially now she's a child, and with the black hair and blue eyes. I can't believe she's already 4 years old!
Now that Elisa is a child, we desided to order a family portrait from Rai Arts. We heard nothing but good things about their paintings, and we still need something to hang in the study.
Then we got some bad news. One day we got a phone call from Jessica, Johnny's stepmom, telling is Johnny's dad, Louis, died. Johnny was heartbroken about the news. I think he will take Elisa to visit his grave soon, Louis was really exited about his granddaughter.

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  1. Blob is too cute a name for a cat! XD Haha.

    And don't sim kids grow so fast? What a cute four year old!