Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gradonni 1 - Round 3

The Gradonni Family
Kürt is 35, Debby is 28, Abby and Annie are 6
Kürt: Ever since we moved here, I'm starting to like the place more and more. We don't have that much money yet, but I believe that will all change now we opened the shop. But since the pond has been frozen this winter, we were able to only sell the vegetables, and since we don't live here that long, our stock is almost empty!
On top of it all, Debby hasn't been much of a help lately. Ever since the girls started school, she has been feeling a little down. She has been doing some things to improve her mood, like going to the hairdresser every 3 day or so, but I don't think that helped her much. She wants more kids, but I think, that will be too soon, to be honest I think 2 is enough, but maybe, when we are more settled with our new life, the shop, and the growing vegetables, that we will be more ready to welcome another child into the family.
The girls on the other hand, help out a lot! Every day after school, they hurry to the greenhouse to take care of the growing plants. They really love doing that!
In the weekeds Debby tries to plan as much meals together as possible. She enjoys those momenst with Abby and Annie. I really think they do her good. And spending time with the girls also makes hare happier!
Now it's spring, and the pond isn't frozen anymore, so Debby has something else to than thinking about more children. She spends her day fishing and her night preparing meals with the fresh fish to sell in the shop.
I wonder why kids grow up so fast. One moment Annie was helping in the greenhouse, being a wonderful child, the next thing I know, she's talking to me about university, and how much she would love to go there!
With all the work there has to be done, Debby stopped thinking about another child. We now have other things to worry about! Like who will take over the house and shop one day? Since both girl love working in the greenhouse, but have no intrest what so ever to run the business. We also need to start saving money, since both girls have to wish to go to university one day!
All this things keep me up at night!

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