Monday, August 3, 2009

Young 1 - Round 3

The Young Family
Louis is 72, Jessica is 48 and Marcus is 3
Jessica: Louis is getting older. I kned he wasn't young when I met him, and I certainly know he isn't getting any younger. But I can't think about the day he will be no longer with us, and that is something I have to do. I'm just hoping the day to say goodbye will be far away!
Marcus now is 4, and a wonderful child. I love it that he is a child now. I know he still needs adults around, but he's much more independent now, and can basicly take care of himself. Our conversation are much more adult now.
Louis is the one who is with Marcu most of the time. He tries to eat breakfast together, when I'm still trying to get out of bed earlier, and he plays with him after school.
Louis even took Marcus to the pet shop, to choose a dog. He choose a small black and grey one, and named him Mol. He proudly said that he will train him all be himself! Well, let's see what will come of that promise!
Our biggest fear became real life! Louis died! I know 76 is beautifull age, and I know he had a life filled with you, but I will still miss him around. Marcul will never get to know his dad beter, and spend more time with him!
Ever since Louis died, I have trouble being alone. I know Marcus is in the house, but it's not the same. I need a strong man. So when Marcus is in his bed, I contact some men from my network, and they are most willing to come by and comfort me!
I know it's a stain on Louis' memory, but I can't be on alone right now, and I don't think I have to confront an 8-year old with all of that. I hope to give Marcus a great child- and teenhood although he has lost his father!

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