Saturday, July 4, 2009

Young 1 - Round 2

The Young Family - Dex Homes - Day 6 - 10
Louis Young - Elder - 62 years old - Popularity - Mayor
Jessica Smid - Adult - 43 - years old - Romance - 20 lovers

Jessica: I hate this! I really hate this! I never wanted children, and now from one day to another I found myself pregnant! I know I had to do something to get myself some money (not that Louis has a lot, but it's something), but I thought living with the guy was enough. But Louis wanted another child ...
Don't get me wrong, I really do love Louis. But having a child, isn't what I planned for my life. On top of it all, Louis has lost his job! He had to take a part-time job, so I will be bringing in the money and Louis will take care of Marcus, our son.
Having a child isn't that bad after all. But I don't think having kids is never hard when you can only do the fun things. Marcus is allready a toddler, and I think it's sad his brother didn't came to visit, but I think he's busy at the moment.
When I'm at home, I work hard on my social network, especially the men get my intrest. I need contacts for my job, and it's really fun to do! I also work on my skills a lot, wich is fun to do too.
For not wanting children and both not being family-sims, I think Louis and I have a pretty good life. He spends all his time with Marcus and I can have some fun with both, and do what I want!

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  1. Sounds like they're making the most of a not-ideal situation!