Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mishoen 2 - Round 2

The Mishoen Family - Forest Lane 2 - Day 6 - 10
Marc Mishoen - Adult - 38 years old - Fortune - The Law
Nuan Mishoen - Adult - 32 years old - Fortune - Hand of Poseidon
Tika Mishoen - Child - 6 yeard old

Marc: Since Nuan found out she's pregnant again, she desided to stay home. So for a few days we only had one income. I didn't mind at all, but I think Nuan missed her costumers a lot, and I know she loves to bring in some money too.
But the pregnancy was so exhausting on her, she couldn't go anyway. To mak it a little bit easier on her I took Tika to the playground in the weekend. She really had a great time. I think it's sad I'm not able to be with her more during the week, but I try to make up as much as I can during the weekend.
But she will have to share, because we welcomed little Sya into our family. She looks a lot like her bigger sister. Nuan and I always said we would have 3 children, but since the last pregnancy was so hard, and Nuan wants to be in the shop more, we desided to stop at 2. And the girls are great!
The day after Sya was born, Nuan allready went back to the shop. We hired a nanny to take of Sya in the mean time. We did the same when Tika was little, I wasn't too happy about that, but the nanny was great.
Not long after Sya was born, she allready celebrated her first birthday. Now we can see even more similarities between the 2 girls.
A few days later we celebrated another birthday. Tika now is a teen, and she looks stunning, so much like her mother. I think I will have to keep the boys away from her!


  1. She is stunning. Wow. Where is that hair from?

  2. I have to agree, she really looks amazing!

    @ the lunar fox - I think the hair is from the Sims 2 store, of maybe garden and mansion, I'm not sure, but I know I didn't download it from any downloadsite!