Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rai 1 - Round 3

The Rai Family
Berend Lillig is 35 and Ella Rai is 32
Ella: We had to move, we just had to. Since we desided to have a child, and we were living in a one-bedroom appartment, we couldn't do anything else but move. So now we live in an appartmetn with 2 bedrooms. We could affort beter, but Berend thought it would be beter to wait and save some more.
I still haven't found out if I'm pregnant or not, and so our days are pretty much the same as ever. When I'm not at the shop, I work hard on crafting pots and vases, while Berend is at work.
When he gets home, in the middle of the day, he starts painting. I find it hard to admit, but he's beter in painting then I am, and his paintings sell beter too. So the orders we get, I let him paint them.
Soon I found out I was pregnant! But I couldn't stay at home all the time. I still think the apartment is too small, we are practically on top of each other, I can't imagine how it will be with a baby in the house, so I need to get away once in a while.
I think we will stop having children now! My pregnancy wasn't the easiest, and I don't think Berend really wanted this one, although he takes care of her all the time, exept for changin daipers, that he leaves to me. But we are overjoyed with our Little Madeleine.
Time flies; here we are yet another 5 days further. Madeleine is already a toddler, and I got a bad review in the paper. Wich wasn't true, but the reviewer was just bad-tempered!
I keep wishing to move soon, but looking at Berends reaction when I mention it, I think we will keep living here for some time.

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  1. Moving again so soon would be stressful, but it does seem like they're quite cramped in their little apartment!