Sunday, July 26, 2009

Roque 1 - Round 3

The Roque Family
Gunnar is 34 and Frieda is 32
Gunnar: I really like our new house, although I liked our apartment too. But a house is so much beter. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large study, with place for my drumset, and a great garden with room for a swimmingpool! What more can you ask for?
With Frieda being pregnant, I don't open the café. She handles the bar normally, and I talk to the costumers, and I don't feel anything for standing behind the bar! So when I'm not at work, I spend my time, playing games on the computer. Normally I would play the drums, but Frieda can't stand the noise, I can't wait for the pregnancy to be over!
And then we could welcome our little baby in our middle! I really had hoped for a boy, but we had a girl. Not that I don't like girls, that would be a lie! It's just that we choice François as a name for a boy, and I think François Roque really sounds great! But now we have a girl, and she's sweet, black hair, brown eyes. We named her Françoise Roque, and I have to be honest it sounds good.
Now Françoise is born, we had to open the café again. I missed it! The contact with other sims. One costumer even got me to sing a duet with her (she used to be our neighbor).
Sometimes I see Fen (the girl I got pregnant) here, I'm so afraid she will tell Frieda, but Frieda never said anything, so I think I'm still save!
When we're back home, Freida spends most of her time with Françoise. I think she's too little do do anything with. I think I will enjoy her more when she's a toddler.
Now that Frieda isn't pregnant anymore, I can practice my drums whenever I want. At least, that's what I thought! Now I have to be quiet so the baby can sleep!
Now that Françoise turned 1, I spend much more time with her, after all, I need something to do at home, since I can't play the drums anymore.
She's really a sweet girl, she looks alot like me!
Now Françoise is already 3, soon she will start school, and since I spend more time with her, Frieda had some time to think. And one night she talked to me about it; she wants another child! She thinks it would be fun for Françoise the have a brother or sister.
To be honest: wich normal man would say no to a chance to woohoo?!

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