Sunday, July 5, 2009

de Leeuw 1 - Round 2

The de Leeuw Family - Community Road 2 - Day 6 - 10
Johnny Young - Adult - 42 years old - Romance - Celebrity Chef
Larissa de Leeuw - Adult - 32 years old - Fortune - Business Tycoon

Larissa: So after living with Johnny's father and his new girlfriend for a little while, Johnny and I desided it was time to get a little place of ourself. The house is nice, not too big and not too small, only 2 bedrooms, but we don't need more. We still live close to Johnny's father, we can see the house from the deck in front of the house.
I know Johnny already has a daughter, and never really had the wish to have more children, but I want a child of my own. Since I'm not getting any younger, and since Johnny's daugter will not move in with us after graduation, Johnny also agreed it was time to get that child.
Being pregnant gave me also some more time to work on my skills for work. But I get tired so easy, so I can't do that very long.
Then, one night, I was finally able to hold my little girl in my arms. Her name is Elisa, and she has black hair and blue eyes, just like her father. Since Mairy (Johnny's daughter) got engaged at college, and has let us know she will not be comming back here, we redid her room, and made it into a nursery for Elisa.
After Elisa was born, Johnny had some days off from work, so he looked after her while I was at work. I think it's sweet to watch them together, the strong big man, and the little baby.
Mairi also stopped by after graduation, she did really well, but that was to be expected. She came to look at the baby, and pick up her dog, Lulu, because she will be living with her. We also had the chance to meet her fiance.
I think we are doing really well as a family, although the family situation isn't that normal. I got what I want, a child of my own, and I'm working my way to the top in my career. I just wonder if I choose the right man. He's sweet, and nice, and he makes me happy, but I fear that, one day, he will find someone else and that he will cheat on me, or leave me alone, after all he's a romance-sim.


  1. I hope Larissa's fears are unfounded but you never know with those Romance Sims!

  2. That's true. Hard to pin down those romance sims. Poor Larissa. That was a very sad ending.