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Young - June 2023

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The Young Family
Marcus is 31
(Sya Gerrits is 31, Melina Mokara is 19 and Eleanora Roque is 18)
Narrated by Marcus
I never like living on my own, it's kind of lonely, but ever since my mom died, and Ingrid left, it has just been me.
I'm pretty good at keeping myself busy, which definatly is for the best since I live alone. I haven't hired a gardner or a maid so there always is something to do around the house.
My nights are mostly filled with watching tapes of games I played or reading, which I really love doing.
Since it's summer, there is no basketball competition, so I even have more days at home. I have to keep fit of course, I can't afford to start the compition when I'm totally out of shape!
Some months ago I was able to put in a pool in my garage/mini-gym. I like a good swim in the morning.
I go down to the basketball court a lot as well. I really can't wait for the hood council to make a decision on my motion to build an indoor court, because it's not the most fun to shoot some hoops in the winter.
I'm also looking at having my own basketballcourt at home. I know there isn't any room inside, but I do have a garden, so it might be possible to place a ring somewhere.
Since it's summerbreak I don't have to train as much as during the basketballseason, so I go out quite a lot more. Recently I noticed this girl, when she was out with her friend.
I'm not a shy person, but I haven't really dated since Ingrid, so I felt a little bit insecure, but eventually found the nerve to talk to her.
It all went so well. I really like Ellie, and if it were up to us we would have talked the entire time.
But she was there with a friend, and she didn't want to leave her friend alone the entire time, so we decided to go out to dinner the day after.
I took het to the marina. It such a nice fishrestaurant, and let's be honest it had a great view.
Sometimes I'm glad people know my name, I was able to get us a great table just by asking.
We had a nice time, and we were able to get to know each other better. She's a lot younger then I am, she's still in college, but I really like her, and she seems to like me as well.
I was surprised when she told me that she had boyfriend. After all she agreed to go out with me, and since we didn't knew each other, I don't think she thought it was just as friends.
She assured me that she definatly likes me, and that she knew what kind of 'outing' this was, but she needed some time to figure things out. After all she never thought she would be cheating, and she needed to make some desicions.
We haven't met anymore since our date, but we've talked on the phone. She talked with her boyfriend, and they kind of broke up, but she doesn't want to rub it in his face.
Even though I have no idea how this thing with Ellie will develop, I had to talk to some one about it, and he would be better than my best friend?
Just like all my friends, I hardly ever see Sya anymore. She and Marie now have a kid, and twins on the way. I know I'm the donor, but I really don't see them as my kids. I just miss hanging out with Sya.
But when we meet, it doesn't feel like we haven't seen each other in ages. We can still talk like when we were teens, and I'm always glad to get her advise on things.
Our time together always seems so short, and before we know it we have to say goodbye again.

You may have already seen in the background of this picture, but I have twins walking around in SimsVille! They have different names and characters, they just look the same!

  • A little bit about Marcus and Ellie - Marcus has 3 bolts with Fran, Ellie's sister, but Fran and Yuan are a pretty strong couple, even though they're not married, so I didn't want to break them up. Ellie and Fran however have the exact same character. It's not that I wanted Ellie and Benny to break up, but I had to see what would happen if I put Marcus and Ellie together. And they hit it off!
  • I'm kind of glad Marcus finally found someone. I've tried several townies on him, but there is hardly 1 bolt with them. With Ellie he has 3! I don't know how things will develop between Marcus and Ellie, but I can already say that Benny knows about them. He showed up at the marina when Marcus was flirting with Ellie - needless to say that he wasn't too happy. They kind of broke up, but we'll see more on that in the September 2023 university-post.


  1. It is hard to resist a 3-bolt-attraction, isn't it! Marcus' house is very beautiful, I would have liked to see more of the inside.

  2. A lot of people seem to be getting that twin thing lately! I've seen it on Tumblr and last time I played my uni lots, Louisa had a twin wandering around. I have no idea what causes it!

    Anyway, I sometimes forget Marcus was with Ingrid. Her life seems so different to his now, which makes sense, given she was a lot older than him. But I'm glad he has some hope of moving on with Ellie. Once things settle down with Benny, she might be a little more open to spending more time with Marcus. I feel bad for Benny but 3 bolts? It's hard to say no to. How many bolts did Ellie have with Benny?

  3. Kind of broken up? Uh oh, doesn't sound good at all

  4. Librarian I just had to try it, and they hit it off.... The parts of the house you saw were the ones that are finished that I'm happy with :) If I ever finish the house I might post a tour :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla That twin-thing is weird! I've had it in my previous hood too, before I had to rebuild. I'm wonderings what causes it.

    Ingrid left Marcus for Claus, who is actually the same age as Marcus. I'm glad I finally found some one for Marcus, I was afraid who would end up alone!
    I just checked in game, and it seems like Ellie and Marcus had 3 blots, but now only have 2, which I think it weird.
    She has 2 bolts with Benny. But there is a difference in their attraction scores.
    With Benny she has an attractionscore of 37, and a total score of 142.
    With Marcus she has an attractionscore of 75, and a total score of 180, and she rolled the want to get engaged to Marcus ...

    Anyway the original score between Ellie and Marcus was 3 bolts, so I had to try it :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley Benny showed up when Marcus and Ellie were flirting, so he's furious at her at the moment. We'll see more of them in my uni-update.

    Thanks for reading!