Sunday, October 28, 2012

Birthdays - June 2023

Eddy Sels and Magda Kievits got married this month. It was a quite ceremony in their own apartment.

Claire Tora celebrates her 1st birthday this month. She looks a lot like her older brother.

Some more shots of Eddy and Magda on their weddingday.

  • I like Claire, she's a real cutie! I do think she looks like her older brother, he was and still is rather cute as well. Personally I think both their kids look like their mother, Annie. I'm hoping that their 3rd child will be more like Erik.


  1. Claire is so adorable! She does look a lot like Owen, which I'm sure you don't mind at all, given what a cutie he is!

    Eddy and Magda make a gorgeous couple too. Are they still playable NPCs?

    1. I really don't mind Claire looks like Owen, and I'm hoping their next kid will be as cute :)

      Yep, they are still playable NPC's. I think they will continue to be so, but I do hope one of my playables eventually marries one of their kids :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!