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Zanobi - July 2023

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The Zanobi Family
Lucas and Sophie are 48, Emma is 17 and Julian is 12
(Olaf Verbon is 44, Andrea Zanobi is 42, Dimitri Zanobi is 40, Kenneth Warner is 27 and Collin Wagtmans is 12)
Narrated by Julian
I think every child always looks forward to getting older, and getting more space from their parents, and I was no exception.
I was pretty excited to start high school, and get some more freedom from mom and dad. Right across the street from our school is an arcade and I'm allowed to go there after school.
My best friend, Collin, lives in Simmeria, and is allowed to go to the arcade as well. So all our afternoons are spend there, playing the pinballmachine or just chatting.
Sometimes Collin comes home with me to play some soccer. Even though he's not that much into sports, he's very much into being fit.
I really like going to high school, and all the freedom that comes with it.
Some time ago dad got the flu. He had it for some weeks before mom finally convinced him to see a doctor. He was told to stay in bed, which he did for about 1 day.
Dad really isn't the kind of person, to sit down and relax, but in this case it would have been better is he had done it. Things took a turn for the worst, untill dad eventually was admitted to the hospital because his condition was getting too serious.
We spend more than 1 night at the hospital with dad. Emma and I had to do our homework in the waiting area, and we even slept there.
Even eating we did there. Mom sat entire days with dad, but made sure to make time to have dinner with us. She kept the conversations light, but none of us could really forget why we were there.
Because things didn't get better with dad, Dr. Warner warned us to prepare for the worst, so mom called uncle Dimitri and aunt Andrea, so they could see dad too.
We all had our turn in saying our goodbyes, and it really wasn't easy. There were so many things we all still wanted to do with dad.
Eventually Dr. Warner told us, that dad was gone. It was really hard for us all to graps.
Mom can't stand to open the restaurant at the moment and visits the cemetary daily. She sits in front of dad's grave for hours, just talking to him like he was sitting there with her.
She also meets other people there, other's who have lost someone as well.
I'm sure mom isn't looking for some one else at the moment, but she enjoys talking to people who have gone through the same thing.
She has a lop of support from aunt Andrea and uncle Dimitri as well. Uncle Dimitri calls almost daily, and aunt Andrea comes over whenever she can.
Aunt Andrea helps around the house quite a lot, but most of the time they just together in the garden. I can see that mom really likes those visits, since she's quite lonely when Emma and I are at school, or out.
Since she's so lonely mom even got a dog, Belle. It's doing her good having Belle around, it seems like she need some one to look after.
And it's not just mom looking after Belle, but it seems like Belle looks after mom as well. It's like she feels when mom needs her around, and she follows her all around the house.
It think we all feel a little bit lost at the moment, and that we are lucky to have friends and family looking out for us. Emma's boyfriend comes by whenever she needs it.
And I know my friends are just a phone call away, even though I don't feel like going out that much at the moment.
Both Emma and I try to help out around the house as much as we can. And I think mom agrees with me that it's a good thing that Emma didn't loose her interest in cooking.
Mom has always been a familyperson, but it seems like she needs those familymeals and -moments even more now.
And I think that's what made Emma doubt her decision to go to college. All of a sudden she didn't want to go anymore, because she was sure she was needed at home. I kind of understand what she meant, but I thought it was silly. She worked so hard, and got a score of 55 at het SAT's!
Mom sat her down, to have a serious talk with her. It's not like mom wants to force Emma to go to college, she just wants to be sure that not going really is what Emma wants. And she also wants to be clear that she doesn't has to stay home for her!
I'm glad Emma finally decided to go to college, I'm sure she would have regretted not going. And I'm sure dad would have been so proud to see her go!

Lucas Zanobi 
1975 - 2023
 Lucas Zanobi died at the BellaDonna District Hospital. Lucas was a hard-working man. He had been sick for some time, but was sure it was all going to be fine, untill he was admitted to the hospital.
Lucas' parents, Virginie and Stephan, were one of the firsts to move to SimsVille when it was found many years ago.They opened the first restaurant, Zanobi's, which was ran by Lucas since his father died.
He met 'his' Sophie when they were still in high school.
And in 2006 their family was joined by their daughter, Emma.
Later that same year, he and Sophie got married.
And 5 years later, their was family got a little bit bigger, with the birth of their son Julian.
When Lucas' father died in round 4, he and Sophie took it upon them to run the family restaurant, and they have been ever since.

After catching the flu, Lucas couldn't stand the idea of closing the restaurant, so he kept working. Even when the doctor put him on bedrest, it was hard for Lucas. But unfortunatly it was already too late by then.
Lucas was admitted to the hospital where he later died of a severe form of the flu.

Lucas leaves behind his wife, Sophie (48), his children, Emma (17) and Julian (12), and his brother, Dimitri (40).

  • Lucas' death wasn't planned at all! He has been sick for quite some time though so I may have seen this comming, but his needs were green all the time. One night he came home from work, ate something, and before I knew it, the grim was visiting. I entered without saving, not to avoid his death, but because I needed some hopsital pics. But when I entered the house afterwards, the same thing happened, so I keep telling myself there was nothing I could have done.
  • So how do you like Sophie and Olaf? I kind of like them togheter, and they are a nice match as well. Look at me! Sophie's husband just died, and here I'm playing matchmaker! But just admit they would make a cute couple :)
  • Emma's doubts about college were something I came up with, because it makes sence to doubt something like that after what happened.


  1. Oh dear! I didn't know Sims can really die of the flu; my Sims have the flu and colds all the time, but so far, no-one has died from either. I like the Zanobi's house!

  2. Oh wow, I wasn't expecting Lucas to die! :( This poor family. I'm glad Emma didn't make a hasty decision to skip college just to look after her mum. I'm sure Julian is going to do a great job making sure she's okay and she has Dimitri and Andrea around too.

    LOL, Tanja! Wait until Lucas's body is cold before you start trying to marry off his widow! You're too funny! But yeah, I have to admit, she and Olaf would make a good couple!

  3. I wasn't expecting his death either. Do you have the realistic sickness hack? I've been avoiding it because of things like this.

  4. Librarian I don't think you can die from the maxis-flu, but I have a hack installed called 'real sickness' which makes it a possibility. It's my first sim ever to actuatally die from the flu.
    Glad you liked that house :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I wasn't expecting either, but when it happened I kind of made peace with it. Sophie sure has enough support, so Emma can go to college without any worried about her mom.

    I know, I know, I'm terrible! But they hit it off! We'll see what will happend when I plat Olaf later this round, and next round.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley I wasn't expecting it either! Yes I have that hack, I was scared to install it myself as well, but I have it in my game for over a year now, and I was starting to think it didn't work for me, since none of my sims died, untill Lucas.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. I'm shocked that Lucas died! It was very sudden, I totally expected him to lay in bed at the hospital for a day or two, heal up and be on his way! Poor family to have to deal with his loss. I wonder what they will do with the restaurant. And I am glad that Emma is going to continue to college, and yes Olaf and her are cute!