Sunday, November 4, 2012

Birthdays - July 2023

Marie and Sya already have their hands full with Felix, but are also anxiously awaiting the birth of their twins. Only 3 more months, if all goes well, and they are more than happy that they finally finished the nursery.

With already 2 kids running around, Annie Tora can really appreciate the peace and calm she finds in the nursery for the new baby. Only 3 more moths untill she can hold this new baby in her arms.
Over at the Penninkmeijer Residence, Dirk and Catherine's youngests are turning 1. Both of them are pretty happy they are done with babies, but now they can start all over with potty training and such.
Little Stephanie has her mother's eyes but you can see a lot from her dad as well.
And Nicholas is a true Penninkmeijer, he looks a lot like his uncles, Morgan and Lawrence, when they were his age.

  • I really like Marie and Sya's new nursery. I really like that furniture, and the recolors some one made, and I couldn't wait to use it!
  • I'm looking forward to both Sya and Marie's babies and Annie's baby. I don't have a gender preference, though I wouldn't mind if I got at least one girl, I'm getting a little bit tired of all the boys that are born lately.
  • I think Stephanie looks a lot like her dad, while Nicholas really is a true Penninkmeijer. Just look at the shape of his face! It's Frederik all over!


  1. The nursery is great, where did you find the furniture and recolors?

  2. Oh, yeah, that's a great nursery! I can't wait for my hood to be up and running again so I can use it for somebody. :)

    Nicholas and Stephanie look so different! I think they're both going to look like really lovely sims when they're older.

  3. Apple Valley Thank you! I like it a lot myself :)

    The nursery is from: Buggybooz:

    And the recolors are from All4Sims - scroll down a lot, I think they are 7 or 8 recolors:

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I always have to be carefull when I like something, that I don't overuse is, but as much as I like this one, this is the first time I've used it! And I already can't wait to use it again :)

    I really hope they will be lovely - with the Penninkmeijr-look it's always a surprise. I don't like Gabriƫlle's look that much, but I love her twin sister, Laura :)

    Thanks for reading!

  4. That nursery is darling! I can see why you like it, I'd use it in real life being a sucker for orange. You are right about Nicholas, he totally has Frederik's look! The twins don't look a like at all!