Sunday, November 11, 2012

Birthdays - August 2023

Early one morning in August Françoise Roque went into labor. She and Yuan rushed to the hospital, only to hear it would still take some time before the baby would arrive. Even though Yuan isn't really looking forward to the birh, he was kind of hoping it would go fast.

When the baby was finally ready to come, Yuan felt like he had felt 2 times before, completely useless.
But when his new daughter finally arrived, he didn't feel useless anymore, just happy to welcome Noémi to the world.

  • Emily Benson is in her 3rd trimest, and she's having twins. I don't know why but the pictures I took of Emily and Aaron are gone ... I took them, as well as the ones of Emily giving birth but they are just gone!
    Anyway her pregnancy is going well, she's due in November 2023, but with twins you never know :)
  • I have to be completely honest here, Fran originally gave birth to a boy, but since I've had so many boys lately, I wanted to know if my game was still able to give me girls :) so I went to hoodview without saving, and the 2nd time Fran and Yuan had a girl. I really didn't care if they had a boy or a girl, but I'm really happy with Noémi :)


  1. I am sure we'll soon get to see little Noémi properly :-)

  2. I would have done the same thing - exit without saving. My philosophy is that it's my game and I'll do what I like, lol!

    Anyway, welcome Noémi! Such a pretty name and I'm sure she's going to match it when she gets older. :)

  3. Librarian All sim-babies look the same to me, so I never pay much attention to them. But when Noémi turns 1 we'll see her properly :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I don't do it that much - exit without saving - in fact if my game had given me some girls, I don't think I would have done it this time, but when it game me Noémi, I wanted to keep her :)

    Her 2 brothers are pretty cute, as are most of her cousins, so I'm pretty sure Noémi will turn out to be a cutie as well :)

    Thanks for reading!

  4. How exciting to have little Noémi! I am happy that your game can give you girls, now hopefully next time it can do it on the first time! Looking forward to seeing her age up! And I've had pictures disappear before too, I have no idea why it happens, or what causes it. I have a few ideas on the matter, but have never gone out of my way to test it. Hope it doesn't happen again, and excited to see what Emily has with the twins!