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Lillig - August 2023

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The Lillig - de Leeuw Family
Berend is 63, Larissa is 65
(Cole Brems is 32, Harald de Leeuw is 31, Madeleine Rai is 25 and Brent de Leeuw is 2)
Narrated by Berend
I'm glad that living in the Ardens part time hasn't influenced our relationship with our children. Both Maddie and Elisa still find the way to our door. And we are always more than happy when they drop by.
A few months ago Maddie's mom started her trip around the world with her new husband, and Maddie's boyfriend, Cole moved in with her. Maddie told me all of this over the phone.
What she didn't tell was that she and Cole are now engaged. They came to the Ardens to tell us. They wanted to inform us about the date so we would be there.
An engagement of course asks for a celebration. Unfortunatly there aren'tthat much fancy place in the Ardens to go to, but you can have nice time.
It's always nice to have one of the kids around. Both Harald and Elisa and Cole and Maddie are just like lovebirds, and it's nice to see that it still excists around the young ones.
When it's just Larissa and me, we always try to have something to do. Recently the spa has re-opened its doors, and of course we had to try it out. I especially love the hot springs. Even when it's cold outside you don't mind sitting in the water in your swimwear.
Larissa likes the massages more. Every time we go down their she gets one. She even tells me she misses them when we are back in Simmeria.
The sauna is also a very nice thing to do. Especially when it's cold outside you can really enjoy the warmth from inside the sauna.
Sometimes we go down there, just to have a cup of coffee. That place really has the best coffee of the Ardens.
All these things we don't have when we are back in Simmeria. Larissa may say she misses her massages, but I just know she's gald to be in Simmeria and see her grandson.
Every time when we are in Simmeria, Elisa and Harald make sure we get to see Brent. It's harder for us to see Elisa and Harald themselfs because of their jobs, but both Elisa and Larissa want to make sure Brent knows his grandmother.
So we get to watch the little guy a few days a week when we're in town. He's so adorable, and I love spending time with him as well.
He's a joy to have around, especially at his age. I love Brent like I would love my own grandchildren, but secretly I can't wait for Maddie and Cole to give me some grandkids of my own. Unfortunatly I don't think they are in a hurry to do so.
It always seems like the days has flown by when Harald comes by to pick up Brent, the house is so much more quiet when he isn't around.

  • Well, this took me some time to write! I'm sorry about that, but I've been sick, and when that was over I was hardly at home, but I might find some time next week to write an update or 2. Not making any promisses though.
  • As for Berend and Larissa, they really don't have much to do. I really don't know how to write entertaining updates of emptynesters!
  • The spa Berend and Larissa, is the original one that comes with Three Lakes. I just gave it a make over, and made it look a little bit more modern.
  • I also set a date for Maddie and Cole's wedding, and it will be in November 2024. Both Maddie's parents will come down for the wedding.


  1. Sorry to hear you were sick, but good to know you're well again! As far as I'm concerned, you need not worry about an empty-nesters' update being "not entertaining"; this was a nice cosy read. I do have a thing for my elderly Sims!

  2. You always say that but you really have nothing to worry about! Your elders pretty much do the same sorts of things mine do. They live quiet lives but they're still interesting to read about. :)

    I'm so looking forward to Maddie and Cole's wedding and I bet Berend and Larissa are too. Berend gets to see Maddie getting married and Larissa gets another excuse to spend some more time with Brent! It's a win for everyone.

  3. They are a cute couple. I wish I could get endless massages too :)

  4. I have never been bored reading one of your elder updates! I think they are always perfectly fine, and I like having the opportunity to see what they are up to, as well as their friends/family too.

    Brent is adorable! And can't wait for the wedding!

  5. Librarian It's really the season to be sick, I'm still not 100% yet, but I think that will take some more time :)
    I really don't like playing my empy-nesters, and I feel like I'm always telling the same things, but I'm glad I'm not boring you guys!

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I always feel like I'm telling them things over and over again, but I'm really glad you all still like it :)

    I'm looking forward to their wedding as well. I'm sure every one will be happy to have a an excuse to get together :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley Or at least a massage once a week, that would be nice as well :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I'm glad I'm not boring you guys!

    I adore Brent as well! And I'm really looking forward to the wedding as well :)

    Thanks for reading!