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Zanobi - November 2022

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The Zanobi Family
Dimitri is 40, Andrea is 42 and Marlys is 15
(Lucas and Sophie Zanobi are 48, Ada van Straten is 45, Matthew Zanobi and Melina Mokara are 18 and Morgan Penninkmeijer and Emma Zanobi 17)
Narrated by Dimitri

It's strange to think that Marlys is young woman now. It's only a few years ago that she was still playing with her dollhouse. And now she's spending almost all her time in front of the mirror.
I never knew she had it in her, but I have to say that I'm pretty happy we have 2 bathrooms!
I'm glad she still knows her proirities, and is still pretty focussed on her studies. She's determind to go to SVU just like Matthew, and wants to go with a high sat-score.
She doesn't play with dollhouses anymore though, instead she has friends over for sleepovers. Most of the time it's her cousin, Emma who comes over.
Since Andrea and I sleep in the room next to Maslys' we can hear them talk untill late at night about their hopes and dreams and plans for the future.
I don't mind the sleepovers that much, nor do I mind the fact that she's up late on those nights. The thing I mind is that my little girl is growing up, and is starting to show interest in boys.
She has asked our permission to date, but for some reason I think it doesn't mind what we say. I'm pretty sure she will be seeing that boy anyway.
Andrea and I agreed on meeting the boy before allowing Marlys to go out with him. Morgan seems like a nice guy, and he seems to like Marlys as much as she seems to like him.
After meeting Morgan we allowed Marlys to go out with him. They went to Simmeria to see a movie.
I don't know if they saw a lot of the movie, and they were home pretty late, but they seemed to have had a lot of fun.
Even though I don't like it when Marlys is out, I do kind of like spending time with just Andrea. Now that we are both more settled in to our jobs and that the kids are older it seems like we are able to spend a lot more time together.
I have to admit that the house is a little bit more calmer now that Matthew moved to SVU. Not that he was much of a troublemaker, but it's always different having 2 teens in the house instead of just 1. He makes sure we don't forget about him though, and is here at least 3 times a week.
Most of the time he brings Melina with him. She's a really nice girl, and I'm glad she's with him at SVU.
Usually when they drop by, they stay for dinner, and sometimes even spend the night when they don't have classes in the morning. I'm glad things are going fine for both Matthew and Melina.
It really has it's perks having grown children. Andrea and I can go out more without having to make sure there's some one to watch the kids. Marlys is old enough to look after herself. This means I get to see my brother a lot more.
Both our kids are older now, even their youngest will be 12 soon, and start high school as well. It's nice being able to do these kind of things, and I'm sure we'll do a lot more of them in the future.
Recently Andrea has been back in contact with an old friend of her, Ada. Ada has been going through a break-up and really needed some one to talk to, so she reached out to Andrea.
They used to be good friends, but they kind of grew apart when they both started having kids and households to look after.
I'm sure Ada was glad to have been able to talk to some one, and I'm sure they were both glad that they got back in contact.

I always love neighborhoodviews from my sims' houses, I can go crazy taking pictures of them. This is a shot from this family's livingroom.

  • Finally, an update! I started writing this one last week, but never finished it. The weather here has been amazingly great, and I've spend most of my time enjoying the weather whenever I could! I do have some more updates that are ready to by typed so I hope it doesn't take me this long again!
  • I really like Marlys and Morgan together, but they are only 15 and 17, and I'm pretty sure Morgan will be going to college next round, so I don't know how things will work out between them, for the moment they seem to enjoy each other's company.
  • Another outing to my newly build, Maison Mama, and I still love the look of my sims having dinner there :)
  • Ada and Andrea have been friends for years, but for some reason I never did much with it, now that Ada just broke up with Jason it seemed like the right time to bring those 2 back together again.


  1. Aw, it's nice that Andrea is able to be there for her friend while she's going through a tough time. I'm sure the favour can be returned some day!

    Marlys and Morgan are very cute, but as you say, very young. If Morgan goes off to college, the separation may be tough for them. But who knows? Worse things have happened to couples! My Edward and Lucy managed to survive 4 years, so it's possible.

    I don't blame you for loving the view from your sims' lots. That picture is gorgeous! Every time I see that aqueduct from one of your lots, it makes me want to find a good place for it in Sullivan!

    1. I need to do a lot more with my sims who are friends with others, and the break-up seemed like a nice idea.

      We'll see what the future may bring for Marlys and Morgan, I like them together at least for now, but maybe they'll both find someone else I'll like them more with :)

      I'm not completely happy with all 3 of my hoods, but I do like most views my sims have from their windows.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Great update, and great pictures! The weather here has been fantastic, too, and I was in Cologne to work for EA at the GamesCom all week, so I didn't get any playing in. But this morning I posted the update on the Broke-McGreggor household.

    1. In the mean time the weather has turned already again! And I have 2 weeks off from work, so I'm sure I'll get some simming-time in!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!