Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Roque - November 2022

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The Roque Family
Gunnar is 61, Yuan is 32, Françoise is 27, Eleanora is 17,George is 7 and Charles is 5
(Tao Zang is 68, Yena Zang is 64, Ella Rai is 59 and Benny Min is 17)
Narrated by Yuan

I don't think anyone of us ever realised how much Frieda did around the house. Now that she's gone, it's finally sinking in. Frieda really did a lot, not just the household. I can't remember that she ever hired someone to unclog the toilet.
She even gave Boy a bath every month. He's a good dog, but isn't too fond of baths, an nobody around here really loves giving him his bath, but it's something that has to be done.
The thing we probably had to get used to the most, was the cooking. Frieda was a great cook, and no one ever felt the need to cook, since she always took care of that. So no one in the house, really is a good cook.
Fran really isn't a bad cook, so we're not starving, but we all miss Frieda's cooking.
Every one seems to be coping just fine, although we all miss Frieda. I'm a little bit worried about Gunnar though. He's spending more time with the family now, which I can't say is a bad thing, but he always loved playing his drums, and he hasn't touched those in over year.
I don't mind that much, and his kids and grandkids really love all those time they can spend with him. But he shouldn't abandon the things he used to love doing.
He's spending a lot of time with Ella Rai, who really has a good influence on him, and I'm glad he has some one to help him cope with it all.
They even went on a holiday to the Ardens together, just to get their mind off things.
They went to a small hotel, that has about all the services the big ones have as well. 
I really hope they had a great time.
And I think they really did have a good time. When they were back home they announced that they got married there. I'm sure it was a shock to almost every one. We all figures he would go on with his life, but no one thought he would do it this fast.
After the first shock, we all congratulated the newlyweds, and welcomed Ella to the family.
They decided that they would be living at Ella's place, but they come by for dinner a lot. Which I think is nice, since the boys are used to having their grandfather around.
I'm sure it was hard on the boys when their grandmother died, but they've adjusted well. Sometimes we hear them talk about her when they play together, and it's nice to hear them remember her.
Despite everything that happened last year, their grades are still good, and we haven't recieved any alarming phonecalls from the school.
I do think it's important for them to spend time with their grandparents. I know my parents like that as well. They adore all their grandchilren, and kept telling me that they didn't see George and Charles nearly enough.
They now come by almost every week, and usually stay for dinner as well. They boys always love it, but I think that has more to do with the fact that they are allowed to stay up a little bit later.
Mom keeps asking when she will be a grandmother again. And I know dad is really fond of the idea as well. I've thought that 10 grandchildren would be it, all of our families seemed complete.
But some time ago Fran told me that she thinks she's pregnant again. I was shocked to say the least, I thought 2 was fine, and we never talked about adding to our family, but we're not the best when it comes to birth control.
After some time we both got used to the idea of having a 3rd child, but we're going to make sure that this one really is our last. I'm sure mom and dad are going to be thrilled with this news.

  • Gunnar rolled the Shotgun wedding-ROS. I have to admit that I've thought about giving it to someone else, since Frieda died last round, due to ROS. But eventually decided against it, and let it all go the way I rolled it. It kind of fits Gunnar's character to do something like this. Gunnar will be living with Ella from now on, so we'll see him again later this round.
  • This update isn't great, I got everything it that I wanted to be in the update, but I kept changing the narrator, and eventually ended up with a lot of pictures that didn't make sense at some points. I do hope everything is clear!
  • This 3rd baby sure wasn't planned! I really didn't want them to have any more babies, but neither of them is allowed birth control. I though they were both a little bit too young for permanent messures, so maybe I could have expected this.
    Baby Roque is due for August 2023.
  • I know there wasn't a lot of Ellie this round, but I can say that she got in to SVU, with an SAT of 48, not great but she got in.


  1. It is a nice update - and so interesting for me to see Gunnar Roque as an elderly man! In my game, he is still an adult, still has not settled with any 3-bolt-lady, and still his financial situation is somewhat precarious...

    1. Gunnar did well in my game. He earned a lot of money, and so did his deceased wife, before she decided to become a housewife.
      He really did well :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. A baby and a surprise wedding, wow, lots going on.

    1. There really is a lot going on in this family.
      I of course already knew about the wedding, but the baby was a complete surpise, especially since they didn't try for one!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Wow, I'd forgotten about your shotgun wedding ROS, so this was quite a surprise to me! But like you said, it does somehow seem to fit with what Gunnar would do. It's quite sad thinking about Frieda being gone but it's nice that Gunnar is trying to find happiness again with someone else. Maybe Ella will encourage him to start drumming again.

    I can't wait to meet the new baby! Fran announcing another pregnancy was another surprise to me but a good one. Have you seen Simnovoris's fertility post at River's Bend? It was very interesting. It might be something you want to adapt for SimsVille, to curb some of your ultra fertile Sim's fertility!

    1. Gunnar and Ella have had some chemistry before, but Frieda and Ella were best friends, so she didn't do anything with it. And despite Gunnar's aspiration, he was kind of faithfull to Frieda once they got married.

      This baby was a complete surprise for me as well, but I'm kind of excited about it as well! I'm going to make sure they don't have any more babies though, since they didn't try for this one, a 4th one is still an option, and I don't think I want them to have 4 kids! I even didn't see them having 3...

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I'm super surprised at the wedding but now that I know it's ROS it makes more sense. I hope that he's happy with this decision and maybe rekindles his love for the drums. And yay for another baby! That's always fun! This update was confusing at all.

    1. I'm kind of secretly pleased that the wedding was such a surprise for every one :)
      We'll see Ella and Gunnar again later this round, so we'll see how they are doing than.

      A baby is always fun, and I'm kind of excited to meet this new one, even if it wasn't planned at all!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!