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Mishoen - December 2022

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The Mishoen Family
Marc is 69, Nuan is 64, Xiang is 39, Tika is 38, Lewis is 9, Joshua is 5 and Michael is 4
(Xun Zang is 39, Yuan Zang is 32, Marie Gerrits is 31, Sya Gerrits is 30, Fran├žoise Roque is 27, Enya Terrano is 7 and Felix Gerrits is 1)
Narrated by Nuan

A few months ago Xiang opened a doctor's practice in SimsVille. He thought it was silly that sick people sometimes had to travel 15 minutes to Simmeria to go to the hospital, and thought it would be nice if they could just go to the doctor in their own area.
It seems like it's a succes. Even people from Simmeria travel back to SimsVille, because they don't want to go to the hospital with their minor illnesses.
 I'm pretty sure Sya will do something similar in Simmeria as well soon. This way people can go to the doctor in their own area without having to go to the hospital every time they don't feel too well.
With the practise now open, and Xiang also being a surgeon on Simmeria, his days a pretty busy. But he makes time to meet with his brothers. 
It's only since Yuan has children himself that Xiang and Xun are getting closer to their youngest brother. And you can really see they all enjoy those moments together.
Some weeks ago Yuan announces that he and Fran will be having another child. I'm pretty sure neither Xun or Xiang were expecting this news. But Fran and Yuan didn't plan this one, so it was quite a shock to them as well.
Xun knows how it feels like having another child that wasn't planned, though I'm sure he can't imagine his life without Marcus anymore these days.
 Fran works at our salon, and she's doing a good job.
Lately however Tika could tell there was something wrong with Fran, she's been somewhere else with her thoughts, which reflected in her work. Now we know why of course.
Despite Fran's occasional mistakes, the salon is doing great. And Tika loves running it.
Since Tika loves it so much, and since we hired Fran, I don't need to go over there every day anymore. In a few years I won't be going there anymore at all and I will leave it all to Tika. 
I the fact that I can be at home so much more. I was always there to look after Lewis, Joshua and Michael, and I would miss it if I didn't get to see Felix at least once a week.
He's such an adorable kid, and I love spending time with him. I live with my other grandkids so I see them a lot, and the house always is very busy. But I really need those days with Felix.
And I wouldn't mind looking after some more grandchildren. I'm pretty sure Xiang and Tika won't give me anymore, they both are quite pleased with their 3 boys. But there still is hope for some more grandchilren from Sya and Marie.
And I was really pleased when Sya told us that they would adding to their family as well. They will be going to ivf again, but this time Sya will be the one who gets pregnant. They haven't had any succes yet, but they are still optimistic.
I would love for Marc to retire as well. Because he's always so busy with his work, and there are a lot of times he brings his work home with him so he doesn't have to do overtime at the office.
I love it that he's home, but I don't know why he doesn't stay at the office. We have to let him work when he brings home his work, and aren't allowed to disturd him, at least when he's at the office his hours are paid.
One night he surprised me by taking me out to dinner. We went to Zanobi's, a pretty nice restaurant in the center of SimsVille.
It was so nice to spend some time with just the 2 of us. Don't get me wrong I love my busy house, but I can really enjoy those calm moments.
The dinner even got nicer when Marc wanted to toast on his upcomming retirement. I couldn't believe my ears, but he actually said he was going to retire next year.
I was already making plans in my head of all the things we would be going to do next year. And I can see ourself travelling a lot more, and seeing a lot more from the world.
And of course speding some more time with the grandsons is also something that has to be on the agenda.
During this Christmas break we took them out the White Castle for some burgers, and you could really tell they loved the outing.
We ended the night at the movies, where I had quite a lot of fun with them while picking out the movie. They are all such great boys.
They are such different kids. Joshua and Michael characters are much more a like than Lewis', and they spend most of their time together
It's not that Lewis doesn't spend time with his brothers at all, it's just that he spends far less time with them than they do with each other.
You can find Lewis more doing things on his own, like reading or working on the computer for school.
While Joshua and Michael more look for each other's company when doing things.
I sometimes think the age-difference has something to do with it, but he loves spending time with Enya, who's closer in age with Joshua than with Lewis.
I know I don't have to think about these kind of things, the most important thing is that they are happy.
And I do think that as grandparents you don't have to raise your grandkids anymore, that's the parent's job, you just have to keep them happy and spoiled. Marc and I went a little bit overboard when did our Christmas shopping this year, but it was so much fun.
We found most of the gifst pretty fast. You can't go wrong with toys when it comes to little children.
But I was pretty sure Lewis wouldn't be too impressed with a Jack-in-the-box. So we went to a bookstore in Simmeria to find something else. I really was clueless about what he wanted, so I asked the owner for some help.
She has been a great help finding some good books for Lewis. She really knows what she's talking about, and I'm sure she'll see me again.
I felt quite pleased when I went to the cash register with my purchases.
I offered to cook Christmas dinner this year, but I don't know if I will be doing this every year, it was much more work than I expected.
I was glad when all the cooking was over, and when we were finally able to sit down for dinner. And I was really pleased that I didn't burn anything.
After dinner it was time to give the gifts. Both Marc and I were quite anxious about it, but even before unwrapping their presents the kids seemed quite excited about it all.
They all seemed to like their presents, and they all spend the rest of the day playing with them.
Joshua and Michael even get up early the next day to spend some more time playing with their new toys. They really made their grandparents happy.

  • I know the update is quite long, at least much longer than my ussual updates, but I had over 200 pictures to choose from, and I had so much to tell with this family.
  • I've had the idea for a doctor's practice for quite some time now, because when you're sick with the flu or have a cold, you don't always go to the hospital. I want one in ever one of my subhoods, and since there are hardly any residents in DimSimTown, and I already have hospital in Simmeria, SimsVille was the first to get a practice. Of course my sims have to be silly, and allmost all of the first visitors were residents from Simmeria!
  • No succes yet for Sya and Maire. I roll every month to see if they are succesfull with they ivf-treatment, but so far no luck. I'm possitive though :)


  1. Lovely update, not at all too long. I really like playing family gatherings such as Christmas parties, and decorating the place accordingly. Looking at how you do that is very nice and inspirational for my own game, although I don't use any CC.

    1. I never used to do such gatherings, but I love doing them as well. Since I started doing them, I'm allways looking for things to bring families together :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. The clinic idea is great and aren't grandparents sweet with all the spoiling they do, lol!

    1. I'm glad you like the clinic-idea, I've had the idea for quite some time, and I was glad to finally introduce it in my hood :)

      Grandparents and spoiling their grandkids, I think it's a great combination :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Wow 200 photos to choose from! That's crazy! I drive myself nuts when I do 80-100, I can't imagine picking from double that amount!! This was a great update! The clinic is a great idea and lol on simmeria residents being the first to pop in.

    The holiday pictures and gifts were sweet. All those cute boys! I want that in my game! I hope sya and Marie have better luck soon. Looking forward to them getting pregnant.

    1. I ussually take around 80 pictures or so, but for some reason I got totally crazy thise round, and it was hell to get through them all!
      I was kind of frustrated when all the Simmeria-residents popped in, but eventually decide to go with it :)

      I really do hope Sya and Marie are lucky soon as well, I can't wait for them to expand their family!

      Thanks for reading!

  4. LOL, I looked at the house and thought, "hey, that's Nick and Sarah's place!" It's a great house. I love the look of your medical practice too. Definitely a great idea to have a place for all residents to go when they're not well.

    Poor Fran - she must be having a case of pregnancy brain! I'm glad the customers aren't staying away though.

    What a gorgeous Christmas everyone had! Christmas with lots of kids is always the best. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Marie and Sya and hope that next month is their month! Maybe there'll be one more kid around at Christmas next year.

    I usually don't have more than 80 or so pics per session but I've played some big ones where I took over 200. I don't envy you sorting through them all to put this together - it takes a long time!

    1. I'm really glad you like the house so much!
      The medical practice seemed more real to me. When I don't feel well, I don't do to the hospital, so I thought my sims needed something like this.

      Fran's cosmitoly-skills aren't that high, and I was glad I was able to work it in like this.

      I really hope there's one more kid next year, because I can't wait for them to add to their family!

      Usually I don't have more than 100 myself, but I went a little bit crazy this time :)

      Thankd for reading and commenting!