Sunday, August 5, 2012

Welcome to SimsVille City Hall

Some time ago I already posted some pictures of my City Hall, it's wasn't a real lot tour, but still you got an idea of what I did witht the place.
Some days ago I visited my City Hall again, I wasn't really happy with how it looked anymore - this happens to me all the time - so I decided to redecorate it all over again, and here's the result.
At the end of this post I have also added a small lot tour of my newest restaurant, Maison Mama.

Well this is the front of the building, with the main entrance. There are 2 floors and a completely furnished basement. There are offices for the hood coucil, a meeting room, a function hall, a restaurant, a library, a court room, and a room to speak to the people or press.

The back of the building with the back-enrtrance and some kind of park.
Top down view of the ground floor.
The deck in front of the building, leading to the entrance.
The entrance hall, with seating-area, stairs to the offices, and meeting room, and a reception-area.
The reception-area from the other side.
The space behind the receptionist, with some desks for the 'lower' clercks.
The room for public speeches.
Hallway to the elevators, they go the the basement-floor only.
Top down view of the basement-floor.
The hallway on the basemant-floor. The back-entrance is here as well, but I suck at taking pictures, and always forget half of them, so no picture of the back-entrance.
'The Basement' - the restaurant on the basement-floor.
The restaurant-kitchen.
The library.
The court room.
The function hall - I know there isn't much to see at the moment, but when there's a funtion I'll decorate the room especially for that function.
Top down view of the first floor.
A desk for the secretary.
First single office.
Second single office - the single office are for when the council members have appointments are want the work in private. None of the council members have their own office.
Some more offices.
The meeting room.
Top down view of the back + park.
Some more shots of the park - the building next door is the doctor's practice.

So this was the tour of my 'new' City Hall. I'm pretty proud of it, it I may say so myself :)

On to the small tour of my new restayrant now, Maison Mama.
This is Maison Mama, a family restaurant located in SimsVille Up Hill - I only recently added those pine trees in the back and I have to say that I like the look of them.
Top down view of the restaurant.
The entrance with the restroom, and host's podium.
And the dining hall, with tables for all kinds of groups.
And the kitchen.

  • The basement-floor in my city hall is actually the main floor, but since I build the entrance that way, it ended up more like the basement-floor. The idea of the look of the building isn't mine at all, it's based on a pitcture I saw here (scroll way down!), and inspired my to build my own. And, well you all saw the result.
  • I might build a court house in Simmeria, but I wanted there to be a court room in my City Hall as well, don't ask me why, I just wanted it that way.
  • Maison Mama was build because I needed a restaurant to take large groups to. To this one I can take every kind of group I want. If needed I can joint tables together, and split them back up if I want to. So far I took a large group of 8 to the restaurant, and a group of 4, and it all went well :)


  1. Thanks for the tours, city hall looks great!

    1. I'm pretty proud of City hall myself :)

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. The city hall looks amazing! And not what I was expecting when I saw the exterior. I like how the building is very old-fashioned but the inside has all been modernised. It reminds me of some buildings here that are historically significant. You're not allowed to change anything about the structure but they're often furnished in relatively modern ways.

    I was curious about Maison Mama, so I'm glad to see a tour. I love the brick on the walls. It looks very cosy and welcoming.

    1. I like the fact that it's old-fashioned on the outside, but it's modern on the inside. I would have never put that brown and grey/black together, but I like how it turned out.
      We have those kind of buildings as well, and those old houses from the middle-ages always look so pretty!

      I'm glad Maison Mama looks like I wanted it to be, cosy and welcomming :)

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Wow - how long did you spend on making the City Hall? It is great! Also the restaurant. Since in my Sims2 neighbourhood, I only use the Maxis-made residential and community lots, I rarely do any building, so I really admire all of your beautiful houses and parks.

    1. I build the building almost a year ago, and already decorated it back then, but wasn't too happy with it. All I had to do now was adding some walls, and redecorate.
      I think it took me about 4 or 5 days. That is after work.

      I think it's amazing that you only use maxis-made things, and no CC at all! I don't think I could ever do that! For one I never liked the style of decorating from Maxis!

      I love building when I'm inspired, and I can really take out a lot of time when I want to. But when I need something and I'm not inspired at all, it takes me forever to come up with something, and most of the time I redo it later.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Your city hall looks great. I really like courtroom. And the restaurant is nicely laid out, looks like a breeze to take large groups too.

    1. I haven't taken any sims to City Hall yet, but I really can't wait to do so. And I really want to use the courtroom!

      The restaurant is really great for large groups!

      Thanks for commenting!